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Publication numberUSRE17407 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1929
Filing dateSep 23, 1926
Publication numberUS RE17407 E, US RE17407E, US-E-RE17407, USRE17407 E, USRE17407E
InventorsArther J. Lane
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Arther j
US RE17407 E
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Aug. 20, 1929. A. J. LANE v VEGETABLE SPRAY Original Filed Sept. 25, 1926 ATTORNEY I Reissued Aug. 20, 1929.





Driginal No. 1,653,809, dated December 27,

' tor reissue filed April 15,'

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in: sprays and it has especial reference to a water spray adapted to be associated with a display stand, its object being primarily to maintain-in fresh condition the vegetables, flowers, produce and the like upon display, thus adding materially to the appearance and life of the merchandise. 7

'A further object of theinvention resides in its extremely simple and economical construc tion and its capability of being readily dismantled for cleaning and other purposes.

\Vith these foremost ob'ects in view, the invention has additional 0 jects and advan-' .15 tages, both in operation and assembly of parts, which will disclose themselves more fully as the description proceeds, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein Fig. 1 represents a perspective view of the displaystand, showing the improved sprays operatively positione v Fig. 2 represents a perspective view of the splc'lay units'including the nozzle and baflie,

t Fig. 3 is a vertical cross-sectional View of the nozzle and bafiie in operative position.

Continuing more in detail with the draw ings, the reference character 1 designates a vegetable and produce display stand of a conventional build, having therebeneath a drainage basin 2, the latter being provided with a drain pipe 3.

A. water pipe 4 enters the stand and being suitably attached thereto, extends preferably 35 along near the top thereof as shown, in order that the spray or mist created by the-invention may eifectively penetrate all parts 0 the stand. Atequispaced distances along the horizontal portion of the pipe 4, Ts 5 are applied, which carry the nozzles 6, a part of the invention, and illustrated in Figs. 2 and 3 especially.

- A bracket 7 "is attached to and depends from the outwardly extending portion of the Ts and is so arranged as to support a vertically arranged pipe 8, upon the upper end of which is screwed a concave cup 9, containing'the removable deflector or baflle 10. This latter element is adapted to be, disposed in precise 'alinement with the nozzle 6, through which a minute aperture 11 extends for the discharge of water, and being controlled by the conven tional valve 12. The long aperture 11 causes the water to discharge in the form of a fine 1927, Serial No. 137,363, filed September 23, 1926. Application 1929. Serial No. 355,368.

needle jet. 'It is arranged that the pipe 8 be movable vertically with respect to, the bracket 7, by which adjustment of the deflector 10,

relative to the nozzle 6 may be accomplished to better control the mist created.

When the parts 6 and 9 are relatively adjusted to obtain proper position of the bafiie 10, the valve 12 is opened and the force of the liquid through the small aperture 11 of the nozzle impinging the convex surface of the bafile, emits a fine mist or spray, superfluous water being caught in the concave cup 9 and conveyed into the drainage basin 2. The mist formed envelopes the'merchandise, and the major portion of anyexcess mist will eventually find its way into the basin also.

It will be noted that the upper convex surface of the deflector 10 partly extends above the rim of the cup 9, particularly the central area upon which the fi'nejet of water impinges and this structure promotes a more eificient diffusion. The convex surface is, of course, a much better deflector for a downwardly directed jet than either a concave surface or a flat surface. Further, water will more readily flow from a convex surface than from a concave surface. It is highly desirable to emit-a mist which is free from drops of water and the advantages of such a mist are that the perishable products being sprayed will not be over-saturated and also the customer may readily'handle the prod ucts without injury to clothing or disagree able eifects.

For the purposeof cleaning, the elements are so constructed as to be readily dismantled,

f that is, the baffle 10 may be removed, should at any time the drain pipe 8 become stopped or require cleaning.

Manifestly, the construction shown is capable of some variation, and such variation as is within the scope of the appended claims, is considered within the spirit of the invention.

What I claim, is:

1. A spray device including with a water supply pipe, a lateral section communicating with said supply pipe and having its remote end directed downwardly, a nozzle carried by said remote end and having a restricted valve-controlled opening therein, a bracket suspended by said lateral section, a drain pipe supported by said bracket in'alinement with said nozzle, an apertured concave receptacle threadedly-mounted on and centrally communicating with the inlet end of sald drain pipe beneath said nozzle, and a convex deflector mounted upon legs centrally within said concave receptacle with.its operative face protruding slightly above the side of said receptacle, and against which the discharge of said nozzle is directed whereby to eflect unrestrained diffusion of said discharge in all directions.

2. In a spray device, an elevated water pipe, a downwardly directed nozzle connected with said pipe and discharging a fine jet of water downwardly, a drain pipe below the water pipe, a cup at the upper end of the drain pipe, and a deflector entirely within the margin of'the cup having a convex surface impinged by the fine jet'of water, Whereby a mist is emitted beyond-the margin of the cup free from .drops of Water, the convex surface of the deflector alsoacting to induce the flow of excess water to the cup.

3. In a spray device, a watersupply pipe,

a nozzle connected with said supply pipe for discharging a fine jet of water, a drain pipe, a water-collecting cup carried by the drain pipe, a deflector carried by the cup and posir tioned to be impinged by the water jet, and

a bracket rigidly connecting the pipes, whereby the nozzle and deflector are relatively positioned. 4

4. In a spray device, an elevated nozzle discharging downwardly 'a needle jet of water, a deflector spaced below the nozzle and having an imperforate and unobstructed convex upper surface the central area of which is impinged by the jet of water, and a cup entirely surrounding the deflector and having its upper edge below the central area of said deflector, the jet of water being so fine water jet, and a deflector located and the upper surface of the deflector being such as to cause the diffusion of the water in a mist free from drops of water. I.

5. In a spray device, an elevated nozzle discharging downwardly a needle jet of water, a deflector spaced below the nozzle and having an imperforate and unobstructed convex upperv surface the central area of which is impinged by the jet of water, a cup entirely surrounding the deflector and having its upper edge below the central area of said deflector, the jet of water being so fine and the upper surface of the deflector being such as to cause the diffusion of the waterin a mistfree from drops of water, and means for rigidly holding the nozzle and deflector in spaced relation and also jet on the deflector.

6. In a spray device, a water supply pipe, a

for centering the supporting-bracket secured at one end to'said' ing an upper convex surface above the rim of said cup, and'means for supporting said deflector above the drain opening and within the cup.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


'cally within the margin of the cup and hav-fl

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