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Publication numberUSRE18573 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1932
Filing dateNov 12, 1928
Publication numberUS RE18573 E, US RE18573E, US-E-RE18573, USRE18573 E, USRE18573E
InventorsJacques Jean Kocheb
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Sound deadening device
US RE18573 E
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@PM a. fam

i'j for use in iioor construction which may be conveniently and completely manufactured '-to avoid assembly on the job, to provide attaching means which ma ,l Re. 18,573

PATEN'n OFFICE JACQUES JEAN ROCHER, OIF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS .SOUN'D DEADENIN'G DEVICE mmm No. 1,745,171, ma January as, 1930, semi 11. 318,789, mea November 12, 192s. application for reissue nled October 3, 1930. Serial No. 486,258. l

The main objects of this invention are tok provide an improved sound deadening device be conveniently mounted on a strip ofvi ration insulating 19 material such as felt, and permanently secured thereto before installation in that position in which it is ultimately used in a iioor construction, and to provide integral clips on a device of the class described formed to .15. allow insertion through slits in a felt member and to prevent separation of the latter from the device.

vAnother object of my invention is to provide means for confining a sound deadening l0 member in a fixed location between the superimposed layers of iiooring in such a manner as to minimize the amount of rigid connection between said layers.

In the accompanying drawing I have shown an embodiment of my invention in which:

Fig. 1 is a fragmentary perspective of av proved sound vibration insulating means comprising a strip of felt having improved straps permanently mounted thereon, for installation between a finish layer and a furring strip of a Hoor. The attaching member comprises a strap having opposite feet portions substantially in the same plane, and a top section in a spaced. substantially par'- allel plane. connected b v inclined side portions. Clips integral at one end with the top section are cut out of the latter and bent downwardly substantiallv perpendicular to the top section. The free end portions of the clips are formed to provide a flange which is substantially parallel to the top section.

In the form shown in the drawing, sound The feet and top sections are` Tresisting layers 1, preferably comprising felt,

are located between a 'rough layer of the floor 2 and a furring strip 3 supported thereon. Ther finish or top layer 4 of the floor is supported in* turn by the furring strip 3 ast lshown in Fig. 3.

My improved sound deadening means comprising al felt strip 5, is located between the top 'layer 4 of the iioor and the furring strip 3 and is firmly clamped on the top of the furft ring strip by a strap 6. The strap 6 is provided with feet portions`7 which engage the upper surface of the felt member l, and thus avoid a direct rigid connection between up er and lower layers of the floor.v

uring the construction of a iioor Suchas is shown in the drawing, it is `desirable to have all the elements required, arrive on the scene of construction in as complete a condi the l tion as'possible in order that time and labo may be saved on the job. For this reason it has been found practical to permanently and securely attach the straps 6 to the felt strip 5 at the factory or plant where the materials are prepared for assembling. The strips 5C@ ma be made of any desired length and cut to t the size of the viioor under construction, either before delivery to the scene of construction, or thereafter.

Clips 8 are formed on the top section 93e of the straps by cuttin out spaced portions thereof and bending t e same downwardly as shown in Fig. 1, allowing one edge of the clip to remain integral with the top section 9. y The bottom portions of the clips are providedf 9 with the flange 10 which is substantlallyparallel to the top sections 9, as shown in Fig. 2. rThe straps may be conveniently secured to the felt. strip 5 by inserting the clips 7 through slits in the felt member so as to en e-.

gage the flange l0 against the lower surface of the felt member as viewed in the drawing.

Any desired number vof straps may be similarly mounted on' the felt member and when y the latter is positioned over a'furring strip, the straps together with the felt member may be held permanently in place by driving nails through apertures in the feet of the strap and through the felt 'layer or layers 1 into the bottom layer of the door 2.

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