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Publication numberUSRE24102 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1955
Filing dateMay 6, 1947
Publication numberUS RE24102 E, US RE24102E, US-E-RE24102, USRE24102 E, USRE24102E
InventorsRobert L. Onto
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Valve assembly
US RE24102 E
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vALva Lv Robert L Ohls, Honden, Tex.

orient-N. 2,599,114, ma rm to, 1951, sum No.

146,411, my s, 1941. r, 195s, sensi N. sss,994

s cama. (ci. ssism Matteseaelosedlnlleavybrackets mlpatentbntforrnsnopaltof mntterprintedlnltsllcs madsbyrel'e.

f vThis invention relates to a valve assembly.

An object of the invention is to provide in a valve assembly novel means for sealing the valve with theV casing to prevent leakage whether the valve be opened or closed. Another object is to provide a plug type valve assembly wherein the plug valve is balanced axially" under uid pressure with a novel type of sealing means forforminsl fluid tight seals under the influence of uid pressure thus dispensing with close ts.

A further object is to provide a valve assembly embodying a plug type valve and which is vof simple construction having a minimum of parts that may be cheaply and easily constructed and assembled.=

lt is a further object of the invention to provide a novel type of seal ring which has been specially designed for forming a seal between a valve and casing but which is capable of general use for forming a seal between two relatively rotatable parts.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent from l the following specification which is illustrated by the accompanying drawings wherein:

Figure l is a transverse, sectional view of the assembly. Figure d is a sectional view taken longitudinally of the valve.'

Figure 3 is an enlarged,vsectional view of a seal ring employed.

Figure 4 is an enlarged, sectional view'of another embodiment of the seal ring.

Figure' S is a sectional view of another embodiment of the invention taken at right angles to the valve.

' Figure 6' is a sectional view thereof taken longitudinally'of the valve, and

j Figure' 7v is a fragmentary, sectional view of the valve easing'illustrating another embodiment of the invention.

Referring now more particularly to the drawings, wherein like numerals of reference designate the same parts in each of the figures, the numeral 1 designates the valve casing, preferably formed with internally threaded connections 2, 2 for connecting the casing into`a flow-line, said casingalso having a owway 3 passing therethrough from oneconnection through the other.

The valve casing is provided with a cylindrical valve seat 4 therethrough at substantially right' angles to the flowway 3 and fitted into this seat there is an approximately cylindrical plug valve 5 which extends each way beyond the casing arid is provided with external annular keyways 6, 7 around said projecting ends adjacent the corresponding ends of the casing andA in these keyways are vthe keys 8 and 9 in the form of flexible snap rings which retain the valve against displacement.

Around the valve casing on opposite sides of the ow- -way 3 there are the internal annular grooves 10, l1 in which are seated' the seal rings 12, 13, preferably of the O-ring type, which form effective seals between the ends of the plug S and the corresponding ends of the casing 1.

The casing 1 'is internally counterbored around the tlowway 3 thus providing the seal ring seats 14, 15 to receive the seal designated generally by the numerals' Appllcationforrehehnegappearsintllelo lehne E hdlcatestlead tions;y

"2 17,18.Thesesealringsareofsimilareonstruction. Iheyarecomposedofanannularbodyofresilientmaterial which is preferably inioreed by means of spaced concentric rings composed of durable material such 5 as metal, fabric or other suitable material.y

sleeveflike support 2l, preferably of metal. The inner endofeachsealringisarcuatetoconforminshapeto,

around the valve the lips 23 will press against 4tht: opposing endfaces of the tight seals, even though there be no uid against them. f

The plug valve 5 is provided with a transverse bore 24 and one end of the valve is provided with an outstanding web 25 having a hole 26 therethrough which a suitable handle may be inserted to turn the plug valve to align the bore 24 with the owway 3 to open the valve orto turn it out of such alignment to close the valve.

The reinforcing, as 20, as. well as the annular support 21 above referred to, will shield the resilient material and cause itto maintain its shape and position as the margins of the tlowway pass the inner surface of said seal ring. Thesernargins, presenting rather sharp edges, would otherwise distort and injure theseal rings. Although the reinforcing 20 is illustrated as terminating .flush with the inner surface of the resilient material of the body 19, such reinforcing may terminate short of said inner surface and as a practical matter it usually occurs that the edges of the reinforcing are covered by `athin layer of resilient material during the molding process; also the number'of reinforcing rings 20 which are employed is subject tovariation in accordance with the particular size of the seal ring and the pressure range. When the valve, above described is installed and under pressure the downstream seal ring is the one that prevents the leakage when the valve is in closed position and any fluid passing around the valve from the upstream side will enter the groove Zlof the downstream seal ring and force the corresponding lip tightly against the opposing face of the valve casing thus making a very eicient seal and,` if desired, the valve casing may be provided with inside ducts'Zl which enter said grooves to facilipressureexerted tate the passage of fluid leaking around the valve into 6o providing the inside annular'lip 23a whose outer side converges outwardly so that when seal rings of this type are employed the lips 23a will press against the outer ends of the seats 14, l5 to form initial seais independent of the fluid pressure. When this type of seal ring is employed the upstream seal ring will prevent any leakage b`y reason of the fact thatthe oncoming fluid, under pressure, will enter the groove 22a and press the lip 23a rmly against the upstream end of the casing seat; also when the type of seal ring, shown in Figure 4, is employed the inside ducts 27 will not be necessary.

7 Referring u Figures s and s, there is a easing 1s substantially similar tothe casing 1 excepting the ducts asuma D. 1s,rs5

Each seal ring is, preferably, provided withan inside 'when the mi rings r1, rs are manned in their ma seats 14, 15 and thus initially form' ln'lieu of the type of lr'ing shown in Figure 3 an alternate A 27 are omitted. In this embodiment of the assembly in the se'al ring seats 14a and la'the seal rings are formed.

of rigid rin'gs 28, 29 having annular grooves, as 30, 31, in the outer and inner endsrthereof, respectively, with seal rings 32,33. in said grooves, said rings being prefer- 'outer ends of the seats l4a, 15a and the lattersealing against the valve plug 5. In other respects' the form shown Figures 5 and 6 is substantiallythe same as that shown 4in Figuresl and 2.

ln the embodimentillustrated in Figure 7the valve casing 1b is provided, at each end, with inside annular groove 34 aroundthe owway 3 and seatedin lthese 'grooves are-the seal rings 35,' preferably of 'the O-ring typewhich form eicient seals between the plug valve and -the valve easing around the owway fof the uid. The drawings and'deseription are illustrative merely by the appended claims.

What I claim is:

l. A plug valve assembly comprising, a casing having a owway therethroughand providedwith inside, annular, countersunl seats around the owway, 'a plug type valve -in the casing extending transverseiyof the owway and having a transverse b ore movable in to and out of registration with the lowway, seal rings in the 'seats andin sealing relation with 'the valve, lthe outer ends 'of each of the said seal rings having anlan'nular groove 'L ably of the O-ring type, the former sealing against Athe the resilient material with the ixiner marginsof said layv 4 registration vwith the owway, a seal ring in the seat whose outer end is. formed with an annular lip which bears against the outer end of the seat and whose inner end is curved to conform to the' shape of and to t against the v'alve, said seal ring being formed of resilient material and layers of durable material arranged alternately with ers Hush `with the inner surface of the resilient material.

`while the broadv principle of the invention will ybe defined 4. In a valve assembly .a seal ring composed of resilient material one en'd of which is formed into an annular lip and whose other en d is arcuate to conform to the shape of and to lit against a cylindrical object, said seal ring .having layers of durable material in alternate relation with the resilient material with lthe margins of the durable material flush with the arcuate end of theseal ring.

5. A pln'g -valve assembly comprising, a casing h'aving' a flowwa'y therethrough'and provided with inside, annular,- countersun'k seots around the flowway, a plugftype valve in the easing extending transversely ofv the fiowway and having a transverse bore movable into and outof registration with the llowway, seal rings in the seats and in sealing relation with the valve, theouter ends of each of the said sealrings. having an internal 'annular groove forming ra tapering annular lip adapted to press against the adjacent wall of its adjoining seat to form u fluid tight joint therewith, said sel rings being formed' of resilient material and annular layers of durable material. in each forming a tapering annular lip adapted to press against the-adjacent l'wall of `its adjoining seat ,to form a. fluidV tight joint vtherewith said sealing rings being formed of resilient material arid annular layers oi durable material i concentrically-arranged alternatelywith the resilientmaterial with the inner margins o f said layers ush with the inner surface of the resilient material.

2, A plug valve assembly comprising, a casing' having a' owway therethrough and provided with inside, an-

nular, countersunk seats around the owway, a plug typel valve in the casing extending transverselyfof the owway and having atransverse bore movable into..and out of registration with the `tlowway, seal rings in the seats and in sealing relation with the valve, -the outer ends of each 'of the said seal rings having an internal annular groove @forming a-tapering annular lip adapted topress against the adjacent wall of its adjoiningseat to form a uid tight joint therewithv s'aid s eal rings being formed of resilient materialiand annular layers of durable. material in each ring concentricallyarranged alternately with the're'silient material, with the inner margin of the layers ush with the inner surface of the resilient material.

3'. A plug valve ,assembly comprising,,casinghaving ahowway therethrough and provided with an inside, an-

nular, countersunk seat around the owway, a plugtype valve iri the veasing-eirteriding transversely of theowwa'y and having a transverse movablel into and out of '979,433 Clayv 'Dee.`27, 1910 1,330,429 Campbell Feb. to, 1920 f 1,593,325 Atwood -..Jul-YZO, 1926 .1,954,018 Miller Apr. 10, 1934 2,030,458' McKellar Feb. 1l, 1936 I- 2,191,232 Reinen Feb. 20, 1940 2,243,227 Stratton May 27, 1941 2,310,583 Johnson Feb. 9, -1943 2,392,198 Snyder Ian. 1,'1946 "2,466,098 Grehrnaier Apr. 5, 1949 2,480,529 waag Aug. 3 0, 1949 2,512,8 83 Warren June 27, 1950 2,525,989 Works Oct. 17,A 195,0 2,534,477 Prout Dec. 19, 195o Y 2,606,738 Glen Aug. 12, 1952 2,606,740 Allen Aug. 12, 1952 FOREIGN PATENTS 895,194 France Ian. 17,

ring concentrically arranged alternately with the resilient I material with the inner margin of the layers substantially flush with the inner surface' of the resilient material.

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