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Publication numberUSRE3395 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1869
Publication numberUS RE3395 E, US RE3395E, US-E-RE3395, USRE3395 E, USRE3395E
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Improvement in suspenders
US RE3395 E
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.Toallwhomttritay concern.-


l SAMUEL WHENLQN, or sELMi-t, .tinnitus Y. i


= lSpecification `forming part' of LettersPatentNm 84,669, datedkltjecember y i l' 1868,' Reissue N0. 3,395,di3(1'Apl 20, 1869.

Be it' known that I, ySAMUEL WARREN Hair.y

LON, of Selma, Dallascouty, Alabama, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Suspenders and I do hereby declare that the following is a fu1l,c1e ar, and exact descrip-r 4 tion of the same, reference being 'had to thel annexed drawings, and -to the letters of reference marked therebmmakingpart of the same,

' in which- Figure 1 is a side perspective view, showing my said invention. Fig. 2 represents a. pair shoulder-braces and suspenders by a simple .and practical arrangement that, while the 'pantaloons or other articles ot"-`dress are securely supported, the same is done in such a manner as to throw the body forward and cause it tooccupy a perpendicular position. Another great advantage'possessed by my invention is this, the shoulder-straps not only pass in the rear of the lungs, but at the same time are united together at a point in such a manner-as to form a fork, said fork being sufficientlyV far beneath the arm-pit to render it impossible for the straps to be brought in such close contact with the cavity or under portion of the'arm as to impede in `any degree, no matter how slight, the vtreest circulation vandl respiration.

It will be observed that my invention re- Iieves the breast and hips'entirely Vfrom pressure and. causes the same to rest solely upon and be borneby the upper portion of the shoulder-blades. The point at which I attach the suspenders tothe pantaloons or other article of dress is above the hips and ina line` which extends from the center of the hollow under theshoulderto the foot. The shoulder-straps intersect a short distance below'the neck and near the shoulder-blades. i Y j To obtain the result accomplished by my invention has long been considered-a great desideratum, and many attempts have been made to secure the same, but they have all proved unsuccessful. The devices have leitherl been so complicated as to render them entirely im prac ticable, ory else constructed with bands passing 11, `l186s "anteuated June-'1,

'across midway eitherI the breast or back` in such manner thatcirculation is materially interfered with, defeating in the lnost important 1 Afeature .the .object sought-after and accom- Aplished by my invention-t'. securing` to the llungs entire` freedom from pressure.

= 'lo enable, others skilled in the art tofmake rand vuse lmy invention, I will proceed to deiH scribe-its construction and o'pe'ra'tion.

A A are attaching-'straps or pieces of leath er,

` or other suitable material oflozeuge, diamond,

or other convenient forms. To these are secured in anyconvenient or suitable manner' straps O G, one strap C"l being secured to the correspondinglcorners ofthe attaching straps or pieces Asso that when laid down iiat theA straps C c .es each other, as seenv inFig., 2.-

These straps C C'are constructed o f elastic` webbing or other suitable material.

To the straps OU, I apply buckles c c or other devices by means of whieh'I am enabled to lengthen or shorten the straps C Gas occasion requires'.- To the ban'dd of the pantaloons D, or -other article of dress that it is desired to support, I attach buttons e e or other suitablefasteniugs. These buttons e are secured to the band d at such points that when thepantaloonscrskirts D are adjusted to the form of the wearer the buttons e e will be above the hips. To the buttons e e,I attach my combined shoulder-brace and suspender, the vpieces A having botton-hol'es f f or other -fustenin gs.

The connecting of the"'shoulder-straps to-l gether by brace-straps is objectionable, for

it matters not whether they pass across. the breast or back, they of necessity interfere with the circulation, and whenever they pass over the lungs, causing .p1-esame, they impede the respiration in-a. degree nearly as great as does the old style'ot' suspenders, which experience has demonstrated that persons threatened lwith consumption or other lung involvement should not wear; and, again, it-wll be observed that my device leaves the cavity under the arm free frompressure. In other contrivances of a character similar yto my invention the shoulder-straps form aloop under the arm-pit, which is most objectionabl To the shoulder-straps C C, where they cross when in use, I apply a loop to holdthe straps together.` When applied for ladies =usc the strap e is suspended from this loop and thedel vice is applied in the following manner:

To the. strap d of the hoop or outer skirt, I), I attach three'buttons, two in the manner before described and one in the rear. To the under skirltI attach suitable loopgs, which `pass over `these buttons, and my invention is then applied. y

Hm'ing thus describedv my invention, what I claim as new, and desire toseeure by Letters Patent, is

that diverge from the buttoning-loops at each side, so as to pass up and over 4the shoulder and across the back, substantially as set forth.

2. A suspender for garments. made of straps lthat diverge from thelmttoning-loops to pass up and over the shoulder and across the back tothe opposite point of attnclnnent near the hips, in combination with a loop applied at the point of intersection of the straps at the beck, substantially asspeoicd.

3. Asuspender formed Y of two straps, each of which divergesfrom the pointof attachment neer the hips on the one side, so asto pass toward the back and over the shoulder to the pointof ettachmento'n the other side, and pro' vided with: an adjustment applied to the front Y straps, substantially as specified'. 1. A suspender for garments, made of straps;v

In witnesswhcreof I have hereunto set my" signature this 18th day of December, A111868.


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