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Publication numberUSRE4619 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 31, 1871
Publication numberUS RE4619 E, US RE4619E, US-E-RE4619, USRE4619 E, USRE4619E
InventorsSamuel Lee
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Improvement in combined gridiron, griddle, and frying utensil
US RE4619 E
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v v. 2$heets'-- Sheot2. SAMUEL LEE. M

lmprovemnt in Combined. Gridiron, Gri ddie, an d Fryingliltensil,

- clear, and exact description thereof, due refermaking part-of this specification, in whichplied to a frame. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of ive view of a griddle applied thereto. Fig. 4 is a longitudinal vertical section through the center utensil.



IMPROVEMENT lNCOMBlNED-GRIDIRON, GRIDD'L E, AND FRYING UTENSIL' Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 118,462, dated August 29, 1871; reissue No. 4,619, dated October 3i,

To all whom it may concern: 1 Be it known that I, SAMUEL LEE, of 'Taunton, in the county of Bristoland State of Massachusetts, have invented certain Improvements iu' OulinaryUtensils for use on stoves,-ranges, &c.; and I hereby declare the following to be a full,

ence being had to the accompanying drawing Figure 1 is a perspective view of a fry-pan apa broiler applied to a frame. Fig. 3 is a perspectof the several utensils when in place.

This invention may be considered a combination cooking utensil, inasmuch as it embodies several distinct utensils so combined as to occupy but little more space than one alone would require. This invention consists-in the employment of an annular frame or band, flaring from its lower opening upward, and provided with an integral shelf orledge for supporting either a broiler or frying-pan, 'or both a broilerand a fryin g-pan at one and-the same time, the said frame having a suitable handle or bale by which it may be moved about, and being provided with a flat that portions h of its cover having -an outstanding lip, and being so made as to constitute a griddle, the whole being so arranged that the several operations of broilin g, frying, and baking may be performed in a convenient manner, and articles, after being cooked in the pan or on the broiler, may be kept hot upon the griddle until required for use; the fry-pan bein g so constructed that when it is placed within the frame one or more spaces are formed between them to allow the gases, smoke, and odor of the food being cooked to be carried through. the stove or range up the flue instead of escapin g into the kitchen and through the house 5 the several utensils when not required for use being compactly put together so they will only occupy the space ordinarily occupied by each respective To enable others skilled in the art to under- I will proceed to manner in which I have carried it stand and use my invention, describe the out.

In the saiddrawing, is a cast-iron frame of nearly circular form, provided with a handle, a,

griddle, buckwheat, be baked, the frypan is removed and also the preventing the escape of the 0, cast in one and spout b, and stud or projections the same piece therewith. The outside of the frame is provided'with an annular lip or rim, (1, which fits into one of the ordinary circular potholes of the stove or range to keep it in place thereon; The diameter of the interior of the bottom of the frame is enlarged at e in order that a greater area may be afforded for thereception of the article to be cooked, which, when required to be broiled, is placed on a grate, B, or series of bars, which is on a circular rim or flange, 9, formed within the interior of the frame, a short distance above the point e, Where it is enlarged. A circular plate, D, with a handle, E, and a rim, m, on its upper side, extending round its outer edge, serving as a I griddle, and also a cover, is now fitted .over the stud or projection c, the whole of the top of the frame being covered except its spout b, in order that the fumes of not escape into the room and through the house, the aperture formed by the open spout affording a passage for the air to draw down into the stove andcarry the gases, smoke, and disagreeable odors up theflueof the chimney. When the article of food is to be fried a frying-pan, (J, is placed so upon the rim or flange g, or .upon the grate if it be not removed, and the article is placed within the pan and the griddle swung into place, so as to cover the frame except its spout- This pan is so constructed that alternate portions 2' of its side or rim are of less diameter than the portions h, forming a series of alternate spaces, l, between the interior of the frame and the outside of the pan, through which the fumes are carried up the stove and into the chimney, as before described. When or other similar cakes are to broiler, if desired, after which the griddle or plate is swung over into place, ready to receive the batter. The griddle, besides being used as a cover'and to bake cakes upon, may also be employed for receiving taken from the broiler and fry-pan, the rim m &c. F is the bail of the fry-pan, by which it may be transported to or from its place in the frame; but the fry-pan may be provided with a handle instead of a bail, and the permanent handles of both the fry-pan and griddle may be dispensed with, and they be removed from place to place supported by its periphery resting the article being eooked may perimeter may rest either and keeping hot the food juices, melted fat,

by means of a lifter fitting into a socket formed thereon.

In conclusion, I would state that I am aware it isnot new to use a griddle as a cover for a gridiron. This feature is shown in Clayton Denns patent of June 23,1868. But in Denns utensil the gridiron is cast in one piece with and forms a permanent bottom for the frame on which the cover rests, and must always intervene between the fire and the cover i 7 however, the gridiron is detachable and forms no part of the frame; the frame itself is without a bottom; and the griddle, whileforming thecover of the vessel, is adapted without any change in its position, to be used for cooking purposes. I am also aware that a hinged griddle has been combined with a spider so as to coverthe same; but in any such case heretofore the hinge has been horizontal, thus necessitating the tilting or turning up of the griddle in order to obtain access to the spider. ry, the griddle has a vertical hinge, upon which it may be swung back and forth without thereby causing it plane the advantage of which is apparent; and

I prefer to make this hinge to consist, as'herein shown, of a vertical pin and socket-joint, so that In my utensil, on the contra to move in other than a horizontal,

the griddle inay, aside or lifted bodily from the vessel.

What I claim, therefore, and .desir by Letters Patent, is- I 1. A cooking utensil, composed of a bottomless metallic frame, adapted to fit'in or over the pothole of a stove, andprovidedinternally with means to uphold a gridiron or other article, as described, placed within, but having no permanent connection with it, in combination with a cover the upper face of which forms a griddle, substantially as herein shown and set forth.

2. The combination with the metallic frame,

to secure adapted to carry within it a gridiron or other article, as described, ofa cover, connected'therewith' by a vertical hinge, and formed on its top to serve as a griddle, substantially as herein shown and set forth.

. 3. In a cooking utensil, substantially such as herein described, the connection of the combined griddle and cover with the frame by means of a vertical pin and and for the purposes set forth.

4. A cooking utensil composed of the bottomless metallic frame, thegridiron, the fry-pan, and the combined cover and griddle, constructed and arranged to operate substantially as-shown and described. I




Wnuinm KEEFE.

at pleasure, be either swung socket joint, substantially as

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