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Publication numberUSRE4748 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1872
Publication numberUS RE4748 E, US RE4748E, US-E-RE4748, USRE4748 E, USRE4748E
InventorsHelen Ekin Stabeett
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Improvement in fastenings for overshoes
US RE4748 E
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T T E R A I 8 E. H

Fastening s for Overshoes.

Reissued Feb.-6,1872.



nnnnn EKIN srnnnnrtu'or LAWRENCE, KANSAS.


Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 100,207, dated February 22, 1870; reissue No, 4,748, dated February 6, 1872.

an elastic cord; and Fig. 2 is a transverse ver-' tical section, showing the strap glued to either side of the mouth of the sh0e', and also the strap passed under the heel.

This invention consists in strap or straps attached to the/inside or mouth of an overshoe and intended to be fastened in any suitable manner over the top of the foot for the purpose of retaining the shoe thereupon.

In the drawing, A is thejshoe; b, the'insole, which is glued to the bottom of the shoe;

b, Fig. 1, a loop strongly secured in the insole before the latter is glued to the shoe; a, Fig. 1, the strap passed under the loop I), and when the shoe is in use, drawn up over the Wearers foot, the branches of the strap being fastened together by buckle, button, hook, loop, or the like. b, Fig. 1, is an elastic band a-flixed transversely to the upper side of the insole for the purpose of retaining the strap when not in use. In 'Fig. 2, a. a are two short straps -glued at their ends, between the lining and the rubber of the shoe-one to either side of the mouth'of the shoe-and intended to be fastened. over the top of the foot iua manner similar to that above described. In Fig. 2 there is also another strap, a,- passed at its middle part under the insole at the heel and intended to be fastened over the top of the foot like the. rest.


Having thus described my invention,what L claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

I As a new ,article of manufacture, an Indiarubber ove'rshoe provided with a strap or straps,

a, ;whi ch are secured to the inside or mouth, thereof, and vulcanized therewith, substan-.

tially as and for the purpose set forth.

HELEN EKIN s'rnnnnr r.


' PAUL R. BRooKs,


Instead of being passed under the, heel, this. latter strap [maybe passed uni der any other part of theinsole or behind the

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