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Publication numberUSRE6560 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1875
Filing dateJul 2, 1875
Publication numberUS RE6560 E, US RE6560E, US-E-RE6560, USRE6560 E, USRE6560E
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Eussell brtjsie
US RE6560 E
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n. BBUSIE. .Portahla Fountain and Lawn Sprinklorn 6,560 Reissuedluly27,l875.

' full and exact description:

7 of the fountain, havinga shoulder at l), and a RUSSELL BRUSIE, OF NEW Yfiiiii, Y.

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No.

iufiii t iii PRiNKLERS.

137,175, dated. liierch 25, 1873; reissue No. 6,560. dated J uly 27, 1875, application filed July 2, 1875.

Toallv whom it may concern Be it known that I, RUssnLL Bun'srn, of the city, county, and State of- New York, have invented an Improved Portable Fountain and Lawn-Sprinkler, of which the following is a My invention relates to that class of fonnt ains in which the water is ejected from rotary arms and its object is to provide an appara tus of this class which will be portable and capable of distributing the Water therefrom with such conformity as to fit the apparatus for sprinkling or watering lawns, grass plats, 85c. To this end my invention consists in the construction of the radial arms of the fountain with. for-animated caps or bulbs, whereby the water is thrown beyond the area traversed simply by the arms, and thereby caused to sprinkle a much larger area than would be possible if the water issued only from the sides of the arms, as in the fountains hitherto made on the rotary or Barker'mill principle.

My invention further consists in an iinproved arrangement of the orifices in the re tatiug arms, from which the water is discharged, whereby a much larger space can be sprinkled; and, also, in a device for counteracting the friction on the journals of the revolving parts of the fountain. I

In the drawing, Figure 1 is a perspective view, of my improved fountain and lawnsprinlrler. Fig. 2 is a sectional view of Fig.

3, ot' the perforated cap on the ends of the re dial arms 0 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a plan view of the outer ends of said caps, showing the varying number and arrangement of the orificesi d in the some; and Fig. 4 is a transverse section of one of the arms 0, Fig. 1, showin the double row of perforations on the same at angles oppositely inclined. I

As represented in the drawing, A is the base of the apparatus, which may he of any ornamental design, the feet of which are preferably furnished with spikes or spurs for insorting in the ground to retain the fountain in position. Bis the vertical tubular standard coupling, a, at its lower part, for connecting it with a flexible hose attached to the water supply. The arms 0 radiate from and open into the hollow ring 0, which ring rest-s on the conical truncated top or" the standard B, their surlaces corresponding with each other, and ground to prevent the escape of water at that part. 01: the outer ends of the arms are socured perforated caps i) I D I), (shown in section in Fig. 2 and in plan in Fig. 3,) the perforations or orifices in which vary in number i'roin' two to five, and in their angles of, inclination from ten to sixty degrees, or thereahout, as shown. The halt a, or any other suitable or ornamental device, is screwed ou the top of the standard, and serves to retain the ring c in place ant. ciose the tubular stand a d, so that aii the water is distributed laterally. The water finds access toth'e ring 0 from the tuhular standard .13, through a series of. perforations in its conical truncated top. From the ring 0 the water enters the arms (hand from thence is discharged through the variouslyinciiued perforations on their sides and ends. The arms revolve by the reaction of the water on its escape therefrom on the wellirnown principle of, the reaction-Wheel. 1 The": reaction of the water issuing from the downwardlyinclincd perforations d on the sides of the arms G (best seen in. Fig. 4) tends to raise I as well as revolve the same, and thus partly counteract their weight, and the consequent friction of the ring 0. r

The Water issuing from the sides of the arms sprinkles acircle around the base of the fountain, while that issuing from the perforated capsou the ends of the arms is thrown in concentric circles, one arm throwing beyond. the other, according to the inclination of its perforations, those'pertorations least inclined to the perpendicular throwing the water farthest from the center, and vice versa.

It will be'seen upon reference to Figs.2 and 3 that the orifices which are least inclined to the perpendicular are of the greatest number, as 1), Figs. 2 and 3, while those which are most inclined are of the smallest number, as I). The reason for this is obvious, as the arm having the least-inclined perforations throws the farthest from the center, has an annular space of greater radius and surface to sprinkle, and necessarily requires a greater quantity of water to effect the purpose, and-'vice verso.

Wi tn the orifices thus arranged a iarge 'spacc 2 i I V 0,560

may be sprinkled By a very moderately-sized apparatus.

.i do not; confine myself to any specific nr- .rnngement of lthe orifices, either-es to their number, or their angles oflihelinabion, as verieus arrangements ofbotli'inay be used to edva-nbage. i 4 I What I claim as my invention is 7 1. The combination of the forzgniuetecl naps B 13 ,656., with thegradieLerins of a. portable rotary fountain or sprinkler, snbstantielly as and for the purpose set forth.

' 2. In a revolving lawn-sprinkler, a series of discharge-orifices, having an inclination varying with its different arms, and of variable number, substautially'as shown and described.




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