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Publication numberUSRE7544 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 6, 1877
Filing dateFeb 19, 1877
Publication numberUS RE7544 E, US RE7544E, US-E-RE7544, USRE7544 E, USRE7544E
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Improvement in adjustable lamp-supports for vehicles
US RE7544 E
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T. B O U D R E N. Assignor 0f three-fourths interest to the White Manfg. (10., G. H. Johnson & C. H. Stevens. I

ADJUSTABLE LAMP-SUPPORTS, FOR VEHICLES. No. 7,544. Reissued March 6,1877.


PATENT @rrrora.



Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 147,362, dated February 10, 1874; reissue No. 7,544, dated March 6, 1877; application filed February 19, 1877.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that, I, THOMAS BOUDREN, of Bridgeport, in the county of Fairfield and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Adjustable Lamp-Supports for Carriages, of which the following is a specification:

The object of my invention is to furnish a lamp which may be readily attached to or detached from any ordinary buggy or carriage, and to provide sure and simple means for applying the lamp to use.

Lamps for a similar purpose are at present in use on public and private conveyances; but such lamps are usually placed permanently in position when the carriage is built. My improvement does not relate to this class of carriages, but rather to those in which a lamp or lamps were not a part of the original design of the manufacturer.

Physicians and others who have occasion to drive during the night have long felt the necessity of an improvement of this nature. By my invention they are furnished with a lamp, together with such fixtures or attachments as will enable them to fasten it securely and quickly to the dash board of their carriage, and as readily detach it in the day-time when they have no occasion for its use.

My improvement consists in providing a .bracket or support for a carriage-lamp with a clamp by which it may be readily and securely attached to the dash-board of a carriage, and as easily removed when not in use.

My improvement further consists in providing the lamp-support with a joint between the clamp or outer end thereof and the lamp, with an arrangement also for connecting, adjusting, and clamping together the two parts of the support where thejoiut is formed, so that the lamp may be held at different angles as well as readily be detached from the outer portion of the support. This adjustable feature of my improvement enables me to apply the lamp to dash-boards of any shape, and still hold the lamp in an upright position.

In the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, Figure l is a view the dash-board of a carriage.

in elevation, showing the lamp as attached to Fig. 2 is a top or plan view of the adjustable joint and clamp by which that portion of the support secured to the lamp is connected with the outer or separable part of the support; Fi 3, a section through the joint and clamp. Figs. 4, 5, and 6 are sectional and detail views of the clamp at the end or outer section of the supporting-arm for attachment to the dash-board. Fig. 7 is a view of a portion of the inner end, or that part of the supporting-arm fixed to the lamp, with the section of the clamp carried thereby.

A lamp, A, has secured to it a short bracket or support, B, provided with a serrated disk, C, and a threaded stud or shank, C. The outer part B of the sectional supportingarm is likewise provided, at its inner end, with a serrated disk, D, centrally perforated for the passage of the shank O. A thumbnut, E, serves to clamp the two parts -of the jointed arm together. Clamp-jaws F F are carried by the outer end of the jointed supporting-arm B B, for attachment to the dashboard of the carriage. This clamp is of peculiar construction, the section F being provided with a screw-tap or female screw to receive a clamping-screw,f, and a short projection or lug, f, fitting in a slot in the detachable jaw, F. Thejaws are curved to fit the dash-board, and are clamped thereto by means of the screw without puncturing the dash-board or defacing it by the screw, which, it will be seen, passes through, the clamping-jaws outside of the dash-board. The movable jaw ofthe clamp is guided and supported by the lugf in securing the supporting -arm upon the dashboard.

The manner of using my improvement is as follows r The two parts of the clamp at the end of thesupport are placed so as to straddle the dash, and securely fastened thereon by the thumb-screwy. To adjust the lamp to an upright position I have simply to turn the thumbnut E to the left, which ailows the serrated disks C and D to be separated sufiiciently to turn the lamp to any required position. The

support or bracket forming a convenient handle or means of securing it in place. I usually solder the lamp to the support, but it is obvious it may be fastened in other Ways.

Difl'erent styles of clamps from those I have described may also be used. The clamp for the dash-board might be hinged at the top, and have the thumb-screw f pass through the dash.

I do not claim anything, broadly, on the serrated disks 0 and D, as I am aware that they are used in other combinations and for other purposes.

I claim as my invention-- l. The combination of the lamp, its support, and the clamping-jaws and set-screw for detachably securing the arm to the dashboard, substantially as described.

2. The combination of the lamp, thejointed supporting-arm provided with an adjustingclarnp, and the clamp at the outer end of the supporting-arm for attachment to the dashboard. substantially as set forth.

3. The hereinbefore-described vehicle-lamp having the short rigid arm or bracket projecting from the lamp, and a second arm adjust-ably jointed to the said rigid arm, and adapted to be detachably secured in position at its outer end.

4. The combination of the lamp with a jointed supporting-arm capable of being adjusted or rocked vertically and provided with a clamp, by which it is retained in the desired position.

5. The combination of the lamp, its short rigid arm or bracket, and the serrated disk or clamp-secl ion carried by said bracket,substantially as and for the purpose specified.




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