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Publication numberUSRE7756 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1877
Filing dateMar 13, 1876
Publication numberUS RE7756 E, US RE7756E, US-E-RE7756, USRE7756 E, USRE7756E
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Improvement in playing-caros
US RE7756 E
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Specification of Letters Patent No. 155,752, dated October 6, 187 4; reissue No. 1,766, dated June 19, 1877; application filed March 13, 1876.-


To all when it may mam.-

Be it known that-I, Ivoar N. Bromansou, late of Revere, but now of Malden, in the Com monwealth of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement "in Playing-Cards, of which the following is a specification:

Thisinventlon relates to an improvement in that class of cards known as playing-cards, which are divided into subdivisions known as suits, and having certain emblems, pictures, or characters upon each card, which indicate not only the suit to which such card belongs, but also its sizeor valde relatively to the other cardsinthe pack, and the invention conslats in forming suchcardsround, or so nearly so. as to secure the "advantages ofsueh form, and having upon. each suit of the cards a distinguishing or indicating color, such as black for spades, red for hearts, green for clubs, and yellow. for diamondsfl together with figures, numerals, or other indicators placed at the edge'orborder of the card, which numeral 7 or indicator shall show the size or value of the card, whereby the player, as soon as his eye catches such numeral or indicator upon-any card, will, by the color and indicator, at once knew of which suit it constitutssapamaudwhat is its size or value, without the uses-u t,aedieretol'ore, of disearning the configure onercharacter of the emblems it bees-sot the, number thereof.

ll the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 Q "the four ot' spades; Fig. 2 reprethree of clubs; Fig. 3'represents the {share or heartwund Fig. {represents of diamonds.

Fig.1 the uumeralor figure 4 is repmemblack, thiacolor indicatingthat this card. belongs to the suit known as spades,

whilothe numeral indicates the size or value of' the card'relativel'y: tothe other cards in Fig. 2-shows the, emblems known as clubs arranged aAu'ossthecenterof-" thecard, while the numeral orfigure-3 1s displayed around the border. By coloring these'numerals alone, or both the numerals and emblems, green, the

ing the jack are similarly disposed upon the card. By coloring these heads or faces, or the cap on the head, with the adopted indicating or characteristic color, (red,) the player would, without the aid of the emblems, at

once know to which suit the card belonged, audits character and value.

In Fig. 4 the heads or faces of the king are shown arranged around the card near its edge, but with the emblem of the diamond omitted, except in the center; and by coloring the face or crown of the king with the adopted indieating or characteristic color (yellow) the player, by observing the crown and its color,

can at once determine as to which suit the card constitutes a part.

By forming my cards round, and arranging the heuds'or emblems and figure around the edge or border, as stated, and employing as many difi'orent colors as there are suits, the

cards, when assembled, are always in proper relative positions to each other; and the part,

.at least, of such emblems o'r numerals or faces as is in \lBW upon a card, however it be held, is sufficient to enable the player to know its size or value and its suit.

1- do not confine myself to the indicating colors herein specified, as others may be used; but I prefer those described. The faces may be of any desired colors or shades, while the accompanying emblems are of the indicating colors. Both the emblems and the bordernumerals' maybe employed, as shown in/ Fig.

. by 'color and number, as shown in Fig. 1.

1 do not claim a round card, nor do I claim, broadly, the employment of'an indicating color EXAM.

for each suit of cards in the pack, or the comthe size or willie of the cards, substantially in bination of the indicating-numerals with the manner as described and shown. emblems; but

whatfdo claim j IVORY N. RIOHAEDSON. Bound playing-cards, each suit whereof is Witnesses:

' indicated bya distinguishing color, and is also WM. ELK-HART,

prqvided with numerals o'r figures to indicate EUGENE HUMPEBEY.

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