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Publication numberUSRE7772 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1877
Filing dateMay 1, 1877
Publication numberUS RE7772 E, US RE7772E, US-E-RE7772, USRE7772 E, USRE7772E
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Improvement in packing for oil-wells
US RE7772 E
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

I. a. cn'oss'. Assignor to H. a Bush. PACKING FOR OIL-WELLS.


JOHN a. cross, 0F CLEVELAND; 0111c, ASSIGNO-R 'ro H. a. BLISS,.OF



Specification forming of Letters Patent No. 46,217 dated February 7, 1865; Reissue No. 1,119), dated July 3, l87 7 application filed May 1, 1877.

Teen-whom it may concern: 3

Be it known that 1, Joan E. Oaoss, of

Cleveland, in the county of Quyahogaand State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Packing for Artesian Oil-Wells; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof that will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertainsto make and use the same, reference being had to the ac I companying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

- Figure Lisa vertical section of a portion of an artesian well with the packing, the same being represented as not compressed. Fig. 2

-- is an elevation of the same with the packing compressed. Fig. 3 is a horizontal cross-section of a well immediately above the packing.

Priortothe grantof my patent three methods had been devised for packing the annular space between the discharge pipe or tubing and the wallin an oil-well;

One of these earlier packers consistsof a f A second method is that shown ln' patent to H. W; Spooner, February 26, 1861, consist-- ing of a sleeve band or strip of leather, rubber, or other elastic material surrounding the tube, and secured thereto at its upper and lower edge, in combination with a device arranged within the tube to force liquid through the tube into the space inclosed between the elastic band and tube, thus distendin g the central portion of the band, add pressing it against the wall of the well. i

A third combination had been devised by Owen Redmond, as shown in his patent of October 3 0, 1866,'in which a short supplemental cylinder shrrounding the discharging-tube is employed; in combination with a flexible or 'eldiug packing .material, which is pressed against the wall of 'the well by means of a metal piece actuated by a screw-thread, and other devices arranged outside of the discharging-tube.

One serious objection to' the Spooner packer is that the devices within the tube prevent the introduction of the sucker-rods to a point below said devices. v

A defect in the Redmond packer is this it necessitates the use of -two packings, one to close the space between the tubing and the cylinder which surrounds the tubing, and another packing to close the space between this cylinder and the wall of the well.

Another defect is that he shows no means for pressing the packing against the tubing.

Another defect is that he uses a comparatively thin. ring or disk of packing material,

so that in case the wall of the well at thepointwhere the packer is applied be irregulari'i outline, there would be a' liability of leakage at some point'around the circumference of the packer. above defects are obviated, and when the packing material is tightly compressed no water can flow from the upper part of the well between this material andthe pulnpingtube;

As represented in the drawings, my invention consists of two rings or flanges, A A,

surrounding the tube B of the well 0. Two screw-rods, d d, usually of half an inch indiameter, pass through both flanges, the upper one being fixed in its position on said rods by means of collars ea, or other convenient device. The rods, however, revolve freely in this flange, but are connected with the lower one, A, by means of screw threads which cause it to approach or recedet'rom the upper or stationary one, according to the directionin which'the rods (1 d are turned.

The intermediate space between the'two flanges and around the tube B contains a packing material of hemp, cotton-waste, wicking, threads of twine, or other fibrous and suitable material, which is capable of compression and elongation, as the space between the flanges A A is contracted or expanded.

This material is connected with the flanges by being passed over a wire attached to each, I or through rings or holes provided for the purpose, and the strands may be crossed or interwovenito make the mass more close when compressed. Before. using, it is satnrated But in my construction all of the ered, by adding section'sthereto.

screw-rods d d are turned so as ,to,draw the,

The flanges, being loose both around the tube and inside the*well,- readily js-lide up'and down, and when the point where it is desired to flx the packing has been decided upon, the

flatt A"'1iarer to the fixed one "A,"and compress the hemp or other materiaF'with"great force into a densemass, which prevents any water from passing. m

i'It: 'd''sire'd' toalter the posit-ion of (the packquen'tlyse'ri'ously in terferes'with the pumping, attains a pressure. greater than that of the column of water above the packing, it will raise the valve f and escape. -At other times the'valve closed, and prevents the water from above from passing through the tube g.

From' thefibove description it will be seen that there are anumber of features of con- -struction and' operat-ion in my invention not shown in packers of earlier date, among which are the following: i p

f I am the first toemploy or describe a fiex ible o'r yielding packing harem-"which is pressed against the wall of the well and against the tubing itselfthat'is, without the employmentr of a supplemental packing cyliuder' surrounding thet'ubin'g.

I the "first" to describe: a yielding iiigwli'ich is pressedagainst the wall of the 'well 'b'y means of rin'gs'orflanges, operated in such manner that the discharging-tube sup- "portstheinfaind"alsdcaluses one to approach the other, and thus compress the packin' g'in'ate'rial. 1 1 "a'm 'als'o tlie his 't j desdribe'h "yielding 'l'iachi'n'gsuppoited'u pen the discharging-tube Ting,- bxtqrt n'g the screw-rods the reverse di- 'r'cmo'n he packi'n'g'material is elongated, and I consequently made loose,-'s'ofthat inf two "min. futesthe" packing may be: raised or lowered, as lile'siied, a'n'd f again tightened without loss of "tiniefjwithodt drawing the'tub'e, and "even "'withoufad'mitting any considerable portion. of thewa'ter, which stands above the packing, into theoil ehamber'offthe well. I I

' The oil-tube may, with "equalfacility, .be andcoinpressedbythefifloveme'ntof 's'aidfub'e.

I ees or lowered, whenthe packi'ngis 'iiot 1am "also the firstt'odesrilie wjieldiiig I compre'ssie d, thereby'savin g the great; expense packing which is gompressed l'iy theaetion'of ':"of taking it'entirelyout of ct' efws l toiiplaoe 'the screw th'i eadedp'arts' which slippers the anew seed-bag, when any alteration'is re" 'paicker in thiel w'ell. 5 p 'qu"red,' as hasheretofore been necessary. Ijam Zals'o tlie' fir st to desribe alpacki'ng y p s e pa u s pa e rmo fi-- evi a r g s ie- .i f n cation WItho'utffvarying the'pringple of its Which'press'saidpacking against'tlie'wall f. construction andoperatio m' v the well withouttheuseofapacking-eylinfler For instance; the t'ubeiB'may be made with- "which is separate*ahdapart-rrsmit eeduc- I "av slide joint between the"flanges'A A, so that tipntiilie; hen'ee Iain enabled to "dispense when the lower end Off flower part 0f the with theuse'ofitlieisecondpackinge'mplojd tube touches the bottorir'of the w'ell'the weight by Redmond to vpaick tliespace betwee his ofthe upper portionwiil cause 'the-jointto fslippleineiitaltfibe or" pickiiig ylinder'hnd -.slide together,'anditlius fcompressthejpack 'h'is'fpninpin'g-tube, p 1

liovide'd wl thfai seat an spie ro i'gh iwhich gas inay''e'st v a pa wt e ws -,be usedtosupport'thdweight.of'thelower a I T atent, within be limited (fpa t of the't'ube'iu drawing itout'of the'g 'ell. hyth'e fibrou material sh steams ip-e The tube, instead of as lide-joint, might be. as'thatmethod talismant slioivvn' infPaprovidedlfvfvith tip e xte rnal'and internal screw tent to LfllQF ofx, att'uaryionses; isfas- I ,of sufiicient length to efl 'eet the adjustm'fit .b iei's' ilbtintiall the *eq'uiv iem "ofihine the packing bytnrning'the upper'po'rtion of "inniahyiiespiiets; V t the tube so as togcontraet tor elongate the :I'cla'im V q .1:' I p space betwee'irthe flangesA- Aflbliit' either of 1 In an' aiteianliiifelfpaolieratflexiblehr 'thesemethodswol ild' be less reli'ableth'anthe yielding packing material, in 'co'uibination describedsolfevif-iods,andnotoapable' of ad with devices whioh'p hiatfialagahi st justment t different depths in'th'e welh'ex- 'both'thewalloftlie; s11 nd'thediscliarging-, 'cept by removing the greater portion of the 'tub'e. l a pipe Sthat above the p'aeking) each time. p I-a. so'lprovide my packing apparatus with 2; j iuanjartesisn euipsaiier; the-'"'omhina- I tion, with the distal] a'r ging-tulie; f'ofa flexible or a gas-valve, f, on the'topof the upper flanges,- :and connected with a tube, g,' wh'ichfextends yielding packin'g'in'ateiial, find two -"flan'g'es I I J p 4 or'disks'whichappi'oacheach otheryah dfointhrough the packing D and" the lq'wer'flange, press the yielding'packing material 'fhtween and is Inadeof greater lengththan the range v ofmotion'whichj thelipack'ing D permits with them. p v v 3. In a'n' fai-tesiani well passer; tliqcionihina. tion of two flangessurrounding the'discliaigrwins H w 'intuhe; a yielding packing matoflal arronged betweeus. the flanges, and screw-threads for eansing'one flange to approach the otherto compress the packing material.

34. -In an artesisn-well packing, a fibrous material,- conneclaed to movable rings, which compress thepaoking when they approach each other, end which elongate s'aid packing 5 when they recede fromeaoh other.

-15. In an srtssisn-vwell'pecker, a flexible or yielding packing insterial, .in combination I Witnesses:

a flange Lto mam the dis- I charging-tube, and jalso-provided with a seat adapted to receive and support a gas'escape- 'p p A 4 In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand this 23d day of April, 1877.

' JOHN 12.011035.

' Ronnn'r B. Emil,

H. 12;. Buss.

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