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Publication numberUST857036 I4
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 3, 1968
Publication numberUS T857036 I4, US T857036I4, US-I4-T857036, UST857036 I4, UST857036I4
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US T857036 I4
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@Yi'ffiXVAiLAELE COPY if B 57 O 3 (a DEFENSIV-E PUBLICATION UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Ppbllabed It the requeat o! the applicant or owner in accordance with the Notice 0! Apr. 11, 1968. 849 0.0. 1221. Identification la by aerial number or the application and the heading indieatea the number or palea 0t apeelflention, Including china, and of abeeta or drawing contained In the application as originally filed. The lie of flail application la available to the public 'M-1 B; B be purehled for centa per abeet.

Applications pubihbed under the Deleaalv'e Publication Pro ran have notbeen examined aa to the mmof invention. The Patent Ollee metal no aaaaruoa u to (be my! tbe-diaclqaed aubieet matter PUBLISHED DECEMBER 17, 1968 .856 O.G. 097

724,608 HYDRAZIDES HAVING A) LEAST ONE'NAPH- THAI-ENE NUCLEUS AND USE IN POLYOLEFINS James M. Straley and David a. mum in of no. lo:

511, m Tenn; 37662 wherein A and 8 independently represent an ortho-hy hydroxyphenyl group or an crtho-hy'droxyngphthyl group,

ceierated degradation effects of cdpper, The hydrazide compounds can be used in combination with ogber known poiyolefin stabilizers, e.g., phenolic anxioxidams:

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US5710200 *Sep 1, 1995Jan 20, 1998Bridgestone CorporationNatural rubber treated with viscosity stabilizers and production thereof