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Publication numberUST900011 I4
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1972
Filing dateSep 13, 1971
Priority dateSep 13, 1971
Publication numberUS T900011 I4, US T900011I4, US-I4-T900011, UST900011 I4, UST900011I4
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Defensive publication
US T900011 I4
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DEFENSIVE PUBLICATION UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Published at the request of the applicant or owner in accordance with the Notice of Dec. 16, 1969, 869 O.G. 687. The abstracts of Defensive Publication applications are identified by distinctly numbered series and are arranged chronologically. The heading of each abstract indicates the number of pages of specification, including claims and sheets of drawings contained in the application as originally filed. The files of these applications are available to the publlc for inspection and reproduction may be purchased for 30 cents a sheet.

Defensive Publication applications have not been examined as to the merits of alleged invention. The Patent Oflice makes no assertion as to the novelty of the disclosed subject matterl PUBLISHED JULY 18, 1972 T900,011 SENSITIZERS FOR LIGHT SENSITIVE POLYMER COMPOSITIONS Melvin S. Bloom and Alfredo R. Guevara, both of Kodak Park Works, Rochester, N.Y. 14650 Filed Sept. 13, 1971, Ser. No. 180,196 Int. Cl. G03c 1/68 US. Cl. 96-115 No Drawing. 10 Pages Specification Light sensitive polymer compositions containing photocrosslinkable polymers, such as polymers containing the diphenylcyclopropene carboxylate moiety, can be sensitized with sensitizers having the following structural formula l a RF I |l wherein R is halo, particularly chloro,

R is hydrogen or, taken together with R represents the atoms necessary to complete a fused benzene ring, R is lower alkyl having 1 to 4 carbon atoms, particularly ethyl, R is an electronegative substituent, particularly cyano or trifiuoromethyl.

Representative sensitizers include 2-(p-cyanobenzoylmethylene -3-ethy1naphtho 1,2-d] thiazoline, 3-ethyl-2- [p-(triiluoromethyl)benzoylrnethylene]-naphtho[1,2 d]thiazoline and 5-chloro-2-(p-cyanobenzoylmethylene)-3-ethylbenzothiazole.

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US4966828 *Sep 13, 1984Oct 30, 1990Hoechst AktiengesellschaftPhotoinitiators
U.S. Classification430/270.1, 430/953
International ClassificationG03F7/031
Cooperative ClassificationG03F7/031, Y10S430/154
European ClassificationG03F7/031