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Publication numberUST940016 I4
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1975
Filing dateJan 13, 1975
Priority dateJan 13, 1975
Publication numberUS T940016 I4, US T940016I4, US-I4-T940016, UST940016 I4, UST940016I4
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US T940016 I4
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ESQ BQZ an s;

m T M09016 H v? M EARCH ROOM NOV. 4, 1975 K. F. NELSON T940,()16

' IMAGING DEVICE SUBSTITUTE FOR MISSING X-R ()riginal Filed J 13, 1975 DEFENSE/E PUBHEATMN UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE Published at the request of the applicant or owner in accordance with the Notice of Dec. 16,1969, 839 0.6-. 687. The abstracts of Defensive Publication applications are identified by d tiuctly numbered series and are arranged chronologically. The heading of each abstract indicates the number of pages of spec 1, including claims and sheets of drawings contained in the application as originally filed. The files of these applications are a. vable to the public for inspection and reproduction may be purchased for 30 cents a sheet.

Defensive Publication applications have not been exai Trademark Ofiice makes no assertion as to the novelty of the c PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 45, 1975 194M516 EMAGENG DEVHQE Kyler l Nelson, Pittsiord, NDYD, assign-or to Key Corporation, Stamford, Conn. Filed Jan. 13, 1 75, Ser. No. 4,613 Hut. til. Gilfag 5/34 Si ri -1.5 1 Sheet Drawing. 6 Pages Specification ts of alleged invention. The Patent and An imaging cell is provided with uniform spacing between substrates by vacuum evaporation of photoconductive or metallic material upon one cell substrate to form spacers during fabrication of the cell. In a, preferred embodiment, auelectrooptic cell comprises a bottom electrode (conductii/c, semi-transparent coating 2 on substrate 1), an ovcr'coating oi pfiotocouductiyc arsenic triselenide 3; four or more arsenic tris elenide posts i -yacuum evaporated upon the arsenic t riselenide photoconductive layer 3 and uniformly spaced along the edge of the photoconductivc layer 3; end, a layer of liquid crystallinematcrial residing on the photocoi ct'iyeia yer' 3 and a top electrode (conductive, semi-transparent coating 5 on substrate 6) in contact with the layer '7 of liquid crystalline material and residing on the arsenic trisclenidc spacers 4. The improved uniformity of spacing can be applied to any device, with or Without a photoconductive layer, in which uniformity of imaging layer thickness is desired.

U.S. Classification430/57.8, 347/139, 430/66, 346/135.1, 313/523, 101/463.1, 349/26, 430/52
International ClassificationG02F1/135, G02F1/13, G02F1/1339
Cooperative ClassificationG02F1/13392, G02F1/1339, G02F1/13394, G02F1/135
European ClassificationG02F1/1339, G02F1/1339B, G02F1/135