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Publication numberUST955010 I4
Publication typeGrant
Application numberUS 05/713,772
Publication dateFeb 1, 1977
Filing dateAug 12, 1976
Priority dateMar 12, 1975
Publication number05713772, 713772, US T955010 I4, US T955010I4, US-I4-T955010, UST955010 I4, UST955010I4
InventorsRonald R. Ragonese, Franklin D. Schulman
Original AssigneeInternational Business Machines Corporation
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Software monitoring system
US T955010 I4
A machine-implemented method of controlling, through software, the collection of data relating to the performance of a data processing system, where the data is gathered by hardware monitoring equipment and/or software monitoring methods whereby a simultaneous or separate hardware/software view of system and application program activity is obtainable. The method provides for immediate feedback of all hardware and software collected data into main memory for automatic, dynamic reconfiguration/modification of the system to improve operating efficiency. Specific examples of dynamic reconfiguration/modification include a method for maximizing the simultaneous utilization of processor/storage, i.e., maximizing CPU/channel overlap, maximizing the transfer of data over a channel, maximizing the number of data requests to a subsystem, and minimizing the time for an I/O request to be stacked in a queue.
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U.S. Classification714/47.1
International ClassificationG06F11/34
Cooperative ClassificationG06F11/3466
European ClassificationG06F11/34T