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Publication numberUSX5581 I1
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 23, 1829
Publication numberUS X5581 I1, US X5581I1, US-I1-X5581, USX5581 I1, USX5581I1
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US X5581 I1
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OR X 5,581


Patented July 23, 1829.

V pep e: remaining sintionarya used the seated.

x7 u Burt, d ul 1.30, 29

TilS patent discloses the actual cons tx lction of a type writing machine for the first time in 11 country.

The t pe are arranged on the under side of a segment carr1 ed by a lever pi' oten to swing ve 'tically and horizontnllys "if: desired (3-13.3130 ter' is brea e t the printing point by mov ng t e nor 2 ition over the same 0 ontally to 3. pos

s n is made o then dee2 1 l he index, e111 the imp/re si-o pressing ti e Sever-a1 in two rows on .1 9 the lever to bring e I one to the printing point.

The paper is calm ed en an endless band which travels crosswise of the machine, and this band is moved for letter space by the impression lever eve r'y time said lever is depressed to pint.

The line space made by shifting the frame carrying the print ing mechanism toward; the front or rear of machine, the

i i 1 v, may be used and tile, are arren cd u can oe snii bed on Ink-pads are located at each side of t is impression point, and all the type except the one in printing posi t ion are inked every time the impression lever is dcpr'es d.

A dial is provided which indicates he len of pnper' in inches which has passed the printing poinc in p inting each line, and as the operator knows the width of 1 being dime to stop printing at the end of th is indi-