Patents for E21B 31 - Fishing for or freeing objects in boreholes or wells (3,788)
03/28/2007CN2883659Y Testing fisher
03/28/2007CN2883658Y Downhole broken articles catch sleeve
03/28/2007CN1936266A Oil-well low-frequency acoustic vibration unblocking and yield-increasing apparatus and method
03/27/2007US7195069 Method and apparatus for backing off a tubular member from a wellbore
03/21/2007CN2881062Y Drill rod circulation well washing apparatus
03/20/2007US7191852 Energy accelerator
03/20/2007US7191840 Casing running and drilling system
03/15/2007WO2007030336A2 C-plate assembly for use in a cable guided fishing assembly
03/15/2007WO2007030293A2 Cable hanger for use in a cable guided fishing assembly
03/15/2007WO2007030262A2 Spear head overshot for use in a cable guided fishing assembly
03/15/2007US20070057522 Tool to pick up microparts
03/15/2007CA2621069A1 Spear head overshot for use in a cable guided fishing assembly
03/15/2007CA2621052A1 C-plate assembly for use in a cable guided fishing assembly
03/13/2007US7188675 Finger boot basket
03/07/2007CN2876316Y Permanent magnet autonomous vibration deblocking and yield increasing equipment
03/07/2007CN2876315Y Oil well low frequency sound wave vibration deblocking and yield increasing equipment
03/01/2007US20070046051 Spear head overshot for use in a cable guided fishing assembly
03/01/2007US20070044971 C-plate assembly for use in a cable guided fishing assembly
03/01/2007US20070044970 Cable hanger for use in a cable guided fishing assembly
02/28/2007CN1920240A Reverse buckling equipment
02/22/2007WO2007019594A1 Method and device for releasing a block on a bore-crown during a boring process
02/21/2007CN2871816Y Eccentric-pipeline connected-hoop fishing drum
02/21/2007CN2871815Y Hydraulic low-frequency pulsing impactor
02/21/2007CN2871814Y Release-adjusting limiting mechanism of impactor
02/21/2007CN2871813Y Fishing equipment of cable callipers and iron protector
02/21/2007CN2871791Y Borehole expander
02/15/2007US20070035141 Lifting magnet
02/15/2007US20070034372 Internal release connector and method
02/14/2007CN2869293Y Clamping-tooth-free oil pipe fishing spear
02/14/2007CN2869292Y Sucker-rod pump oil well falling-matter collector
02/14/2007CN2869291Y Telescopic high magneticneedle irregular fisher
02/14/2007CN1912333A Gear barrel
02/14/2007CN1300441C Well washing method of hierarchical water injection well and its underwell tubular column
02/13/2007US7174957 Magnetic bailer
02/13/2007CA2306736C Downhole packer system
02/01/2007WO2007014006A1 Internal release connector and method
01/31/2007CN2864083Y Lifting-putting fishing tool capable of withdrawing
01/31/2007CN2864082Y Integrative kick milling shoe
01/31/2007CN2864081Y Abnormal magnetic-iron overshot
01/24/2007CN2861461Y Salvage cylinder with shoulder
01/24/2007CN1902374A Field adjustable impact jar
01/24/2007CN1296598C Rope salvaging type debris-discharge repetition-free drilling and forming hole method and machine tool
01/23/2007US7165609 Apparatus for handling tubular goods
01/18/2007WO2007006137A1 Downhole force generator
01/18/2007US20070012457 Underbalanced drilling applications hydraulically operated formation isolation valve
01/18/2007CA2614980A1 Downhole force generator
01/17/2007CN2858930Y Electronic multiple point measuring device salvaging contrivance
01/17/2007CN1295420C Method for deblocking blocked pipe for extracting mirabilite ore deposit by using water soluble method and its equipment
01/16/2007US7163059 Method for releasing stuck drill string
01/16/2007US7163058 Hydraulic jar device
01/10/2007CN2856390Y Low water resistance hole gauge
01/10/2007CN2856389Y Multifunction hydraulic fisher for small dropped article
01/10/2007CN1891973A Hydraulic jar coupling during drilling with mechanical locking mechanism
01/09/2007CA2305299C Gas-filled accelerator
01/04/2007WO2007001187A1 Impact hammer for coiled tubing drilling
01/03/2007CN2854060Y Stuck releasing jar of water injection well test regulation tool
01/02/2007US7156373 Line retrieval system
12/27/2006CN2851537Y Hydraulic and mechanical type bumper jar while drilling
12/27/2006CN1292146C Pump device with double-cone unit and its usage method
12/21/2006WO2006135787A1 Casing and drill pipe filling and circulation apparatus
12/20/2006CN2849134Y New type fishing tool
12/20/2006CN2849133Y Servopump pulse resonant unlocking yield increasing device
12/13/2006EP1334257B1 Jar with electrical conductor
12/06/2006CN2844408Y Spiral guider
12/06/2006CN1288325C Device for catching object in well
11/30/2006US20060266205 Explosive pipe severing tool
11/29/2006CN2841945Y Locking external-hook fishing spear
11/28/2006CA2336905C Downhole tension swivel sub
11/23/2006US20060260801 Wired Tool String Component
11/22/2006EP1723307A1 A jar for use in a downhole toolstring
11/21/2006US7137454 Apparatus for facilitating the connection of tubulars using a top drive
11/21/2006US7137449 Magnet arrangement and method for use on a downhole tool
11/16/2006US20060255607 Elevator safety lifting support
11/15/2006CN1284750C Pyrotechnic composition for thermal pipe cutter and process for making same
11/14/2006CA2383929C Hydraulically driven fishing jars
11/08/2006CN2835536Y Hook type fishing tool for whipstock
11/08/2006CN2835535Y Wash-over fishing tool
11/02/2006WO2006116094A1 Downhole vibratory tool
11/02/2006US20060243447 Field Adjustable Impact Jar
11/01/2006CN2833095Y Rapid coupler for oil well tools
10/25/2006CN2830632Y Hydraulic struck releasing device while drilling
10/24/2006US7124838 Gripping assembly for impact hammer
10/18/2006CN1847610A Jamming preventing protector
10/12/2006WO2006107215A1 Method and means for providing time delay in downhole well operations
10/12/2006US20060226668 Apparatus for delivering a tool into a submerged bore
10/12/2006CA2604029A1 Method and means for providing time delay in downhole well operations
10/11/2006EP1412616B1 Dual sensor freepoint tool
10/10/2006US7117939 Percussion hammer bit retainer apparatus
10/04/2006CN2823534Y Horizontal well sand-proof pipe string drifting fishing tool
10/03/2006US7114563 Tubing or drill pipe conveyed downhole tool system with releasable wireline cable head
09/28/2006WO2006102622A1 Magnetic tool for retrieving metal objects from a well bore when using coil tubing
09/28/2006WO2005104701A3 Spotting fluid for use with oil-based muds and method of use
09/27/2006EP1356009A4 Spotting fluid for differential sticking
09/26/2006US7111678 Field adjustable impact jar
09/20/2006CN2818766Y Fishing lance
09/20/2006CN2818765Y Fishing cylinder of explisive lever
09/20/2006CN2818764Y Fishing sleeve
09/19/2006US7108065 Technique for preventing deposition products from impeding the motion of a movable component
09/13/2006CN2816338Y Device for fishing drops underground
09/07/2006US20060196679 Apparatus for radially expanding and plastically deforming a tubular member
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