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Riding school no longer a dark horse after boost in web presence

After being around horses for 35 years, S.T.A.R.S. of Horsemanship owner Danya Wright established her own horse riding school. Her Gilbert, Arizona company is a specialized training and riding school (S.T.A.R.S.) at which children and adults learn to ride horses. Coaching instruction is available for Special Olympics riders.


Wright’s business faces a marketing challenge unlike that of brick-and-mortar stores that line a city’s main business district. With a horse barn, she has limited exposure to walk- and drive-by traffic. With no storefront, those potential customers who do drive by don’t know it’s an actual business. “With horses, the visibility factor is really difficult. You don’t get much exposure, so you really have to go where people are going to search for you,” explains Wright.


To help potential customers find her business, Wright wanted her business to have strong Internet presence with visibility in Google. To achieve her goal, she decided to claim her business with Google Places.

In just a few minutes, Wright created her Place Page. She added photographs and followed the site’s step-by-step instructions to add information to her Place Page.

“It’s really easy,” Wright says. “You just follow the wizard to get through the whole process and ensure you have a complete listing.”


Since using Google Places and putting up her website, Wright’s business has grown ten-fold over the last six months. “I’m ecstatic. It’s beyond my expectations,” she says. “I really thought business would just trickle in, but it exploded.” Wright checks her Google Places dashboard twice a week. She likes to check the traffic on her site to see how her new business inquiries correlate to her Web traffic.

Online marketing is the only tactic Wright uses now because she has found it to be the most powerful way for potential clients to find her. “If I choose the best place to market my business, it’s Google,” she says. “No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore.”

Who they are

S.T.A.R.S. of Horsemanship
Gilbert, Arizona


  • Poor street-front visibility to potential customers
  • Difficulty attracting new customers


  • 10x increase in business in six months
  • No need to spend money on other types of marketing

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