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Storage company boosts site visitors

A major owner, operator, buyer and seller of self-storage properties in several Midwest states, Oak Brook, Illinois-based The Store House Company wanted to increase its online presence to reach more prospects.


Prompted by its national competitors’ presence on the Internet, executives at The Store House Company knew their company needed to show up in local customers’ Internet searches, too. “Having an online presence is key to bringing in new customers as well as servicing current customers,” says Michael Tolva, Director of Operations at The Store House Company.

Tolva especially wanted The Store House Company’s local listing to appear on Google Maps and Google search. “I was getting annoyed that our competition was always showing up on the map, and I wanted to figure out how to get our company there,” he says. Tolva also wanted to reduce his advertising budget. He was particularly concerned that he could not assess performance of a Yellow Pages ad that cost $1,000 per month.


Tolva claimed The Store House Company with Google Places in the summer of 2009. “It was incredibly easy. It took less than 15 minutes,” he says. Best of all, adding content to the Place Page and using the reporting tools are free. Google Places has helped increase traffic to The Store House Company’s website as potential customers review the company’s location and pricing information. Most self-storage facility customers aren’t casual Internet browsers, “so when I get ten clicks, that’s ten real customers,” Tolva says. Also, since most self-storage customers pay monthly rent, The Store House Company wants to help customers pay their bills online.


Before launching its presence with Google Places, The Store House Company received about 400 site visitors each month. Now it averages 2,500.

Tolva tracks his results using the Google Places dashboard. He regularly reviews how many people are seeing his Place Page. He also checks how they came to his page, and where they came from.

As for his online yellow pages ad, “Google Places is a lot cheaper, and it’s much more trackable,” Tolva says. In fact, Google Places has become The Store House Company’s most effective form of marketing, Tolva says. He updates it weekly, posting specials and updating photos.

“If you are worried about being found online and making sure you come up on Google, this is the absolute best way to do it,” he says. “With Google Places, you have a more direct way to advertise your business. It’s better than trying to have the most optimized website out there.”

Who they are

The Store House Company
Oak Brook, Illinois


  • National competitors
  • Limited search engine leads
  • Costly expenses and difficult to measure marketing tactics


  • Improved Internet presence
  • 2,500 site clicks per month from real leads
  • Reduced expenditures on non-performing marketing

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