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Postini's Email Security solution inserts custom tags into the message headers of processed email. The Message Analyzer uses these tags to determine why a message was quarantined or allowed through. To analyze your message, copy and paste the message header into the window or select a message file to upload. Next press Analyze Message.

Important: Be sure to copy the full message headers into the window. The full headers are not normally visible when you view a message.

See the instructions below:

What are you submitting: Spam False Positives

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Copy and paste your header here:

New Upload Messages/Headers:
Supported file types: msg, txt, zip, tar, gz, mbox, eml

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2014-10-10 08:29:00 GMT - Spam Filters Updated
2014-10-09 12:13:00 GMT - Spam Filters Updated
2014-10-09 09:17:00 GMT - Spam Filters Updated
2014-10-08 09:45:00 GMT - Spam Filters Updated
2014-10-07 17:00:00 GMT - IP Reputation Database Updated
2014-10-06 21:03:00 GMT - IP Reputation Database Updated
2014-10-01 12:41:00 GMT - Spam Filters Updated
2014-09-29 13:22:00 GMT - IP Reputation Database Updated
2014-09-29 13:11:00 GMT - Spam Filters Updated
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