What People Are Saying About Google Instant

On September 8, we launched Google Instant in the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Russia to improve the search experience for Google users. Take a look at what people are saying.

Tweets about Google Instant
on launch day


New York Magazine, Nitasha Tiku:
“It is a pretty delicious feeling — like touching the future, or a cloud — to imagine the results updating so instantaneously beneath the search box, but as Mayer explains, it's even more than that.” New York Magazine

Slate, Farhad Manjoo:
"Just a few years ago, it seemed amazing that search engines could scan the entire Web and present us the best result in less than a second. Now Google can do it quicker than you can type. That's something." Slate

CNET, Tom Krazit:
"Google Instant, which the company unveiled Wednesday, is a fundamental shift: instead of search as an outcome, Google is trying to get people to think of search as a process in which you constantly refine your query without actually "searching," or hitting the button to produce a concrete result." CNET

Los Angeles Times, Mark Milian:
“Perhaps it should come as no surprise, but users are logging a "volcanic" volume of Google searches for the new Instant search feature that was rolled out on Wednesday, the Internet giant reports. ... No need to hit the "search" button, or, in some cases, complete your own thoughts.” Los Angeles Times

NY Times Bits Blog, Claire Cain Miller:
“Google prides itself on offering faster and more relevant results than other search engines. While the behind-the-scenes engineering that generates those results is a big reason Google gets the majority of searches, it can be hard for average users to notice. The instant results make this much clearer.” NY Times Bits Blog

Wired, Ryan Singel
"As an engineering feat, it’s pretty remarkable." Wired

The Washington Post, Rob Pegoraro
"Instant looks more interesting when seen as a way to turn a search into a conversation: You type a query, see what Google suggests for a match, then revise, check its suggestions again, revise further, and so on. Except instead of having to click the "Back" button repeatedly, all this happens on one page." The Washington Post

The Telegraph, Matt Warman
The way we find information on the internet underwent a “fundamental change” last night." The Telegraph

Los Angeles Times, Tiffany Hsu:
"Google search is now even faster than before … and apparently it’s kind of psychic too." Los Angeles Times