Google Facts about Google’s acquisition of ITA Software ITA


This deal will benefit consumers, airlines, and online travel agencies.

Benefits for Consumers and Passengers

Easier flight and airfare comparison shopping. Though 49% of travelers purchase travel online (PhoCusWright’s Consumer Travel Report, 2nd Ed. May 2010) it is still time consuming and slow to search for travel options online. We plan to work with ITA to create a new, easier way for users to find better flight information online.

Airlines and Online Travel Agencies

Better flight search means more sales. We believe that giving users better ways to search for flights online will encourage more users to make their flight purchases online, which will create more overall online sales for airlines and travel agencies.

More traffic to airline websites. Google does not plan to sell airline tickets directly; our goal is to build a tool that drives more traffic to airline and online travel agency sites where customers can purchase tickets.

Continued Relationships with ITA Software’s customers. We are very excited about ITA Software’s QPX business, and we’re looking forward to working with current and future customers. Google will honor all existing agreements, and we’re also enthusiastic about adding new partners.