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Multiple Alternatives for Flight Search Data

There are many other companies offering flight search data, including Everbread, Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Vayant, and Expedia’s Best Fare Search (BFS) service. In fact, many of the most popular travel sites in the U.S. use ITA’s competitors:

Website Airfare Search Powered By
Expedia Best Fare Search (Expedia)
Priceline e-Pricing (Travelport)
Travelocity ATSE (Sabre)
Orbitz QPX (ITA)
Yahoo! Travel (powered by Travelocity) ATSE (Sabre)
Hotwire QPX (ITA)
CheapOair FarePortal
Kayak QPX (ITA) and Meta Pricer (Amadeus)
CheapTickets QPX (ITA)

Furthermore, industry players acknowledge that they have alternatives to ITA:

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