Google YouTube’s Summary Judgment Motion Against Viacom

This site contains the declarations and supporting exhibits filed by YouTube in support of its motion for summary judgment. For a full summary of our position, please see our brief.

Updated June 23, 2010

The judge has granted our motion for summary judgement. For more info see our blog post.

Updated May 21, 2010

Additional documents unsealed today by the Court with the parties’ opposition briefs. Read a copy of YouTube’s opposition brief.

Selected highlights

Viacom now argues YouTube is like Grokster, but Viacom has previously stated that comparison is false.

Viacom embraced the DMCA for its own video hosting services, until it decided to sue.

Viacom encouraged fans to watch and download South Park on the Internet wherever it could be found.

Viacom’s top executives were obsessed with buying YouTube, insisting the site was critical to the business.

Viacom executives and agents – including Head of Viacom’s monitoring and take down efforts at BayTSP – admit they are unable to tell whether a Viacom video on YouTube is authorized to be there.

Viacom’s stealth marketing efforts continued even after it filed the lawsuit.

New Declarations:

March 18, 2010

Our public statement is available on the YouTube blog.

Viacom’s Distortions

Viacom’s Spin vs. Fact

What People Are Saying

Quick Trip Through Viacom’s Documents

YouTube Declarations

Deposition Testimony


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