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Blogger at Cash for iPhones
Reno, Nevada

geek, chocoholic and iPhone addict
  • About me

I'm a bibliophile (a book geek, bookworm, book lover,whatever). I love reading books, I even have a reading nook at home.

I'm a tech geek (I love smartphones, especially iPhones, I love road testing gadgets and sitting in front of my PC for hours).

I'm also a recycling activist, I do volunteer work like clean ups and tree planting and e-waste recycling, which is why I so love my job. I write for a refurbishing company that buys broken iPhones and resells them as earth-friendly refurbished phones.

Questions? Email me at:]

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Twila's Professional Blurb:

Twila B. is a writer, a multimedia enthusiast, a blogger and an iPhone addict. She’s currently a news writer for’s news site and has written hundreds of articles since 2010.

Prior to churning out unique content for various organizations, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications, contributing as an editor and journalist for papers in and around the state.

She loves music, gadgets, movies, books, blogs and everything iPhone related.

Places I've lived
Manila, Philippines
Schools I've attended
St Mary's College; University of Nevada, Reno
Other names
Twyley Smyley