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Metal Ware Aluminum Plate, 9"

Dinner  9 inch
This plate is extremely lightweight for its size--ideal for camping or backpacking when weight is a factor. Low-profile depth means several plates stacked together take up very little room.

Online stores

Sellers Seller Rating Details Base Price Total Price
Campmor 5,633 seller reviews No tax $2.99 +$6.99 shipping $9.98
REI 9,792 seller reviews $4.50 +$0.27 tax and $5.99 shipping $10.76
Goodman's 3,259 seller reviews No tax $2.09 +$4.50 shipping $6.59


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  • It's plate, it's a lid
    By Rob In AL - August 27, 2010 - REI
    It's an aluminum plate that can double as lid for the 8" diameter Jetboil fry pan, doesn't cost a fortune and doesn't weigh much. Could it get any better? I doubt it. Read full review
  • Can't go wrong!!!
    By Santista - November 13, 2011 - REI
    Very good plate.
    I use it for pretty much everything: eating, mixing ingredients, preparing sandwiches, cutting fruits, preparing meat for barbecue, etc...
    Easy to wash and fits in your bag no matter how full it is.
    Read full review
  • Plate used as a stable stove base
    By Voyageur - August 12, 2013 - Campmor
    Pros: Lightweight; Compact; Durable

    I use this plate as a stable base for a single burner gasoline stove. Makes leveling easy. Read full review


Part Numbers4365-0085, 4365-0085_jb