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LG L227WTG-PF - 22" TN LCD monitor

   June 2008   LG   LCD   22 inch   DVI   VGA   1680 x 1050

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95 reviews
  • Ranked Second in Best Gaming Monitor
    By Expert - July 7, 2009 - Bestcovery
    LG followed up on the success of their L226WTQ with the wide gamut, glossy L227WTG. The L227 delivers among the best response time in the industry, producing images without a sign of streaking even at 60 Hz. It supports swivel, tilt, and a VESA mount, along with an aspect ratio scaling option. The LG is very economical at $250 but the glossy... Read full review
  • Outstanding! But...
    By thelatestversion - March 31, 2008 - Best Buy
    Pros: Large, bright, light and beautiful! Amazing colors!

    Cons: High pitched buzz and fingerprint magnet. No DVI cable.

    This monitor is beautiful. Period. I have never seen such amazing color on an LCD monitor before. Good viewing angles and quick response rate paired with the large screen size makes this monitor a win for movies, gaming, and graphic work.

    However, with its out of the box settings, I noticed what looked like video camera static on my dark blue desktop background. It looked like the pixels were running around and had a blotchy uneven color. It also produced a high pitched buzz. To eliminate this, I set the gamma to -50. My settings are currently Brightness: 75, Contrast: 50, Gamma: -50, and I balanced the RGB levels manually. The picture looks outstanding and crisp now, and my colors, blacks and whites are perfect for my taste. But I'm still faced with the problem of a rather annoying high pitched buzz when there is a lot of dark gray on my screen.

    The buzz is noticeable when the color #101010 is displayed and is apparent through #505050 on the grayscale. It is loudest when the color #303030 is on the screen. It is very annoying! I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem, so check it out by going into photoshop or paint and filling the screen with a dark gray. Am I the only one with this problem?...

    Right now I'm using the VGA cable, waiting for my DVI to arrive since it was not included. I'm wondering if this may change things, but I doubt it will as the monitor makes a similar noise when receiving no signal.

    Aside from the high pitched buzz and lack of DVI cable (also the thing is glossy, so beware of fingerprints - not a big deal, because glossy makes the monitor sexy), this is a fantastic monitor. My old LCDs and best CRTs couldn't even touch this thing in quality! Read full review

  • Great Widescreen!
    By 6kidsmom - August 15, 2009 -
    Brought one of these for myself and another for my mom, and all I can say is "WOW!" Simple to install--just plug it in and go. Had to customize the settings in the control panel which took all of maybe 3 minutes. The colors/images are crisp and clear. Best of all, my eyes no longer get tired after some time on the computer as they did with the old 17" inch screen, so now I'm able to do work at home in the evening without worrying about making a bunch of errors. Well worth the price. Thanks, Overstocks! ... Read full review


Display TypeLCD monitor / TFT active matrix
Diagonal Size22"
Panel TypeTN
Aspect RatioWidescreen - 16:10
First Seen On Google ShoppingJune 2008