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Edsal HC30127 7 Shelf Steel Shelving Unit 12x30x60in.

$26 online
7 shelf  Adjustable
Steel Canning Shelf: This Steel Canning Shelf is designed to hold up to 600 lbs, perfect for canned goods, tools, or as a pantry shelf! Made of steel with industrial grade nuts and bolts, the five shelves (included) may be installed with the lip facing upward for a secure edge or ...

Online stores

Sellers Seller Rating Details Base Price Total Price
Walmart (142) $26.01 +$1.56 tax and $4.97 shipping $32.54
Home Depot (6,203) $27.99 +$1.68 tax and $15.00 shipping $44.67 (98) Free shipping, No tax $37.99 $37.99
Walmart - No rating Free shipping $40.99 +$2.46 tax $43.45
Northern Tool (6,230) $29.99 +$1.80 tax and $16.49 shipping $48.28 No rating No tax $32.87 +$23.00 shipping $55.87
Hayneedle (18,832) No tax $32.99 +$5.99 shipping $38.98
Mills Fleet Farm No rating No tax $29.89 +$7.95 shipping $37.84
Quill No rating Free shipping $59.98 +$3.60 tax $63.58
Midland Hardware (3,368) No tax $33.62 +$10.00 shipping $43.62

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294 reviews
  • Very flimsy - hard to assemble - threw away
    By nycjo - April 7, 2015 - Home Depot
    This shelving unit is very hard to put together with several dozen nut-bolt combos to screw in many in tight hard to reach areas. The metal the shelves are made of is thin sheet metal and many of the shelves came bent and warped, making it even harder to connect with the nuts-bolts. I did not feel it was sturdy once assembled. Decided to throw it away before I even used it as it was too much trouble/hassle to disassemble it in order to return it. DO NOT BUY. Read full review
  • Difficult and long assembly, very thin metal
    By WookinPaNub - February 5, 2015 - Home Depot
    At the low price point it is at I didn't have high expectations to begin with, but this didn't even come close to my low expectations. The metal is such a thin gauge that it bends / warps easily. Many of the pre drilled holes have to be modified to line up. There are over 80 nuts / bolts to use in the assembly! It took me over two hours, sore knees (has to be assembled on the floor as it is so flimsy) and a great deal of frustration to get this assembled. In contrast my large Edsal shelves could be assembled in 20-30 minutes tops and are much stronger / better quality. Unfortunately this is the only one in the size I needed, but in retrospect I would have done wire shelving instead and saved myself the time / frustration and ended up with a much stronger / sturdier product. Read full review
  • I'm very happy with the quality of thsese shelves.
    By Phlip - September 15, 2015 - Home Depot
    These are great shelves for a great price and are perfect for storage of a wide variety of things. They were a little difficult to put together, but are doing a great job of storing some heavy food storage. Read full review


Part NumbersB000AXUQW41-bmay, HC30127