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Ibanez M522S F-Style Mandolin, Brown Sunburst

$300 online, $300 nearby
Ibanez  Mandolin  8-string
The sound of a driving mandolin solo ringing and crisp brings to mind the Appalachian wilderness and the bittersweet melodies of generations past. This features a magnetic pickup and tone controls to make sure the incomparable sound of the mandolin can be heard in any venue.

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Guitar Center (19,741) Free shipping $299.99 +$18.00 tax $317.99
eBay - barryclarkmusic No rating No tax, Used $179.99 +$19.99 shipping $199.98
Sam Ash (884) Free shipping, No tax $299.99 $299.99
N Stuff Music No rating Free shipping, No tax $299.99 $299.99
Yandas Music No rating Free shipping, No tax $299.99 $299.99
6-String No rating Free shipping, No tax $299.99 $299.99 - Alto Music 6 ratings No tax $299.99 +$18.00 shipping $317.99
eBay - 8thstreetmusic No rating Free shipping, No tax $299.99 $299.99
Woodwind and Brasswind (4,443) Free shipping, No tax $299.99 $299.99
Music & Arts (864) Free shipping $299.99 +$18.00 tax $317.99

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  • Entry level F style mandolin
    By Rick Nelson - May 7, 2012 - Musician's Friend
    Though this mandolin is sold under the Ibanez label, it's made in China and drop shipped to various sellers including musician's friend. The mandolin is not the same color as the picture, more yellow and black rather than the brown sunburst as advertised. The slots in the bridge weren't spaced correctly, so I had to take it to a luthier. The strings were rusted and need to be replaced. Although it has a solid top, it sounds tinny and muted. The tailpiece is crooked. I kept it despite it's limits and issues just to practice on, but I wouldn't purchase it again. Hopefully, it will improve in tone when the strings settle in and it gets played on, but we'll see. Absolutely expect to take it to a luthier for a set up. Probably better to buy an all solid wood A model for the same price, ( and not buy "Ibanez" ). Read full review
  • Ibanez M522
    By silvertwang - March 17, 2012 - Musician's Friend
    Can't go wrong with this mandolin. If you are just getting into playing mando's and are lusting after an f-style, this will get you into the bluegrass state w/out having to re-mortgage your home.
    Pretty standard features: Solid Spruce top - It's a carved top that has been heat pressed into shape. Maple neck with rosewood board. The fingerboard is flat, not radiused, so it's a little more of a challenge to fret notes/chords. The bridge is rosewood and is adjustable via two small thumb wheels. The bridge slots are cut great. Nut is also cut and set up well. Block inlays run the length of the net. Finished in a brown sunburst. Finish is done well but there are some finish flaws around the f-holes. Not easily noticeable but they are there. Some minor rough spots on the inside radius of the upper scroll. The bracing and tone bars let the top sing. Tuners work well - They are old style open gear tuners. Not the most precise but they work and keep the mando in tune pretty well. Not the best but they work. The plastic tuner buttons look a little cheap when you see them up close but for the money...not too shaby. Tailpiece is nicely done and sustains great.
    Top notch. This instrument is solid. They skimp on the heat pressed solid top, and plastic tuner knobs. This keeps the cost down and enables Ibanez to give you a solid instrument at a decent price. Finish is a little rough around the upper scroll and f-holes.
    Great value. This is not a top notch picker -definately a Gibson/Kentucky/Collings. If you want something along those lines start you budget at $400+ and start going into 4 figures quick. That said, this will get you pickin' and a grinnin' for under $300. It's well made and can be upgraded.
    Read full review
  • Good Value with a Couple Issues
    By Ronald Rankin - December 29, 2011 - Guitar Center
    I am a guitar player and this is my first mandolin, purchased with the intent to upgrade if I like the mandolin. The finish had a couple minor blemishes and the instrument wouldn't fit into a standard "f-style" hard case. Neither of these issues are a big deal considering the price, and the overall satisfaction I have with the sound and look. I am enjoying it. Read full review


Part NumberM522SBS