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AMD Athlon II X3 450 3.2 GHz Triple-Core Processor - AMD Processor in a Box (PIB) - Socket AM3

$90 online
   August 2010   AMD   Socket AM3   Triple-core   3.2 GHz
Do more of the things you want to in less time and enhance your digital life with the multi-core performance and energy efficiency of AMD Athlon II processor-based desktop systems. Combined with superior ATI Radeon HD graphics technology, systems based on the AMD Athlon II ...

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Product features

  • Cool'n'Quiet technology
    Optimized performance states help save energy while minimizing the latency and overhead of power management. The processor can efficiently respond to user demands, maximizing performance to deliver a superior PC user experience.
  • AMD CoolCore technology
    AMD CoolCore technology automatically reduces processor energy consumption by dynamically activating or turning off parts of the processor.
  • AMD Smart Fetch technology
    AMD Smart Fetch technology enables processor cores to share data before entering a halting state so active cores don't have to activate to retrieve data.
  • Dual dynamic power management
    Dual dynamic power management helps improve platform efficiency by providing on demand memory performance while enabling decreased system power consumption.
  • Multi-point thermal control
    Multi-point thermal control helps reduce speed and heat when temperature exceeds predefined limits, enabling a cool and quiet PC experience.


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  • Ranked Fifth in Best AMD Processor
    By Expert - September 10, 2013 - Bestcovery
    Although there's certainly a lot to like about this processor, it's worth noting that it's definitely a somewhat older model. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but you won't get bleeding edge performance out of it. With that in mind, it still offers up terrific speed and processing for any system. It's a triple-core CPU, which means you're not... Read full review
  • A Great Processor
    By Blaign - August 10, 2011 - Best Buy
    Pros: Price. Noticeable performance over dual core. Comes with easy instructions.

    Cons: Wish it used Land Grid Array format for chip & mobo. Fan seems tad loud.

    I really enjoy this processor. I'm using in a small desktop unit with a Micro-ATX motherboard. This is my first CPU with more than two cores. It's quite impressive. I hear you can unlock the fourth core, but I've yet to try. For the price it really does make a vast improvement. I got rid of the paste they put on the heatsink and used Arctic Silver thermal paste instead. CPU temps are perfect in my tiny case. The CPU fan is a bit loud, so I may change that stock fan. Also I hate how the pins are on the CPU. It would be nice for AMD to use LGA chips & motherboards. Buy it if you want a cheap nice boost in performance. Read full review

  • Ranks 6.9 in Windows 7 Experience Index
    By b0Ss - August 22, 2011 - Office Depot
    Installed the CPU within minutes, using the stock fan and heatsink. PC started right up and has been stable, running non-stop, ever since. The speed is amazingly faster than my older 2.0gz dual core chip I was using. Apparently some people were able to unlock the 4th core, but it depends on the motherboard. I was not able to with mine, but it is still a beast with only 3 cores running. I am more than happy with its speed and power! Read full review


Product TypeProcessor
First Seen On Google ShoppingAugust 2010
Type / Form FactorAMD Athlon II X3 450
Number of CoresTriple-Core
Cache Memory DetailsL1 - 384 KB L2 - 1.5 MB - 3 x 512 KB