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The Riverside Shakespeare [Book]

$77 online
by William Shakespeare · Houghton Mifflin · Hardback · 2057 pages · ISBN 0395754909
The Second Edition of this complete collection of Shakespeare's plays and poems features two essays on recent criticism and productions, fully updated textual notes, a photographic insert of recent productions, and two works recently attributed to Shakespeare. The authors of the ...

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  • The book was in good condition. Thank you!
    By George M Swanner - October 4, 2011 -
    I bought this product for a college Shakespeare course. This, along with the David Bevington edition, is one of the more authoritative collections of Shakespeare's works. Read full review
  • Wonderful addition for students and literature lovers
    By Savannah Lavenstein - February 17, 2011 -
    I love that this book is a nearly complete canon of Shakespeare's works. I bought it for a college course and will keep it because of its worth. I love the annotations before each work that give each piece a history and context. I can see now why people collect these volumes, I hope to have this one and procure an older original for my collection. Read full review
  • Shakespeare Book
    By Noelle Griego - February 25, 2010 -
    I needed this book for an English class and I love it. It has all of Shakespeare's works, including all of his Sonnets. This book was at a great price and I feel I got a great deal. Read full review


AuthorWilliam Shakespeare
PublisherHoughton Mifflin

Wikipedia page

The Riverside Shakespeare is a long-running series of editions of the complete works of William Shakespeare published ...
Riverside Shakespeare