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JVC BoomBlaster RV-NB70B Boombox with USB Port and Apple Dock Cradle

April 2011 · JVC · Radio · CD Player · iPod / iPhone · USB Connection · Boombox
The JVC RV-NB70 Kaboom! boasts an impressive 40 watts of power and retains the original version's general design - a large cylindrical shape with a woofer at each end. Bass enhancement circuitry ensures room-rattling low frequency performance.

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  • this is the best of the best...
    By bob a joe on the go..... - March 14, 2013 - Beach Camera
    this player has it all, is the best in home stereo sound and a great player to bring with you, any where you has every thing you could ever want and great quality all in one...i have had a lot of boom boxes in my life, but this jvc is the best...i would recomend it to any one wanting a great stereo package for home and on the go...5 stars. Read full review
  • Perfect Boombox from Perfect supplier.
    By pjwaszko - February 4, 2013 -
    The JVC Kaboom is better than it needs to be. It is better than anything else out there, by leaps and bounds. I needed great sound and the mic/guitar inputs for practice in a music group I am in. This was perfect for my needs, but I would have bought even if I did not need the special inputs, just for the sound. Sound is perfect. Overall design is outstanding. Operating doors, connection ports, dials, carrying strap, lights, displays, are all top notch quality and functionality. Base is outstanding. I made a video of papers on my desk waving around in place as the air from the woofers pushed them around. I use it with an ipod in the compartment, and an iphone connected via aux input. We practice with the ipod sound, them play back a quick recording using the iphone. Single Con: Only one. The Ipod compartment is super well protected and high quality. However there is no designed support for the Ipod unit. This is not acceptable to me that my $300 phone could get damaged at the base, or fall off the base and flop around, if someone were to bump the unit, or when carrying it. I easily and imediately fixed this with self-adhesive foam from home depot. I used (2 pieces of 1/2inch foam x 3inches long) and (1 piece of 1inch foam x 3inches long). The first 1/2inch piece goes behind the ipod, at the top. Then I stacked 1.5inches of foam on the inside of the clear glass door. So when I close the door, the ipod is perfectly held in place (sandwiched)and will never move. The foam strips are narrow enough so that I still can enjoy seeing the display of the device through the glass door. I would recommend this to anyone using the Kaboom. The foam installation can be modified to work with any size Ipod or Iphone device. I also noticed, the glass panel is easily removed by design, incase someone wants to access the ipod/iphone touch screen without opening the door. But so far, the controlls on the Kaboom unit work ver well for me. Read full review
  • Much Too Large And Heavy!
    By Kmac - January 31, 2013 -
    This boombox is very large and heavy, which is the reason that I returned it. Although it did have a pretty good sound. It can be a really nice boombox for a person that don't mind the size. Read full review


Product TypeBoombox with Apple Dock cradle
Width26.2 in
Depth9.4 in
Height9.1 in
First Seen On Google ShoppingApril 2011