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Samsung SpinPoint F3 Desktop Class 1 TB Internal HD - SATA - 4" - 7,200 rpm - HD103SJ

$92 online
July 2009  Samsung  1 TB  SATA  3.5 Inch Drive  Internal  7200 rpm
It operates at 7200RPM with up to 1 Terabyte (TB) data storage capacity by using two 500 Gigabyte (GB) per platter disks. As well as meeting data center requirements for addition storage to meet rising demand and increasing performance needs, the drives also deliver high ...

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  • Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Drive Review: Ranked on Best Internal Hard Drive for Performance
    By Anonymous - August 8, 2013 - Bestcovery
    Samsung's hard drive division has always been a relatively quiet contender - literally! Samsung's Spinpoint line has a reputation for being very quiet drives, but quiet operation does not mean that performance has to be sacrificed.

    Earlier Spinpoint models, such as the much-loved F1, were competitive with the competition. It appears that the F3 now actually exceeds the competition, leaving drives from better-known hard drive companies, such as Western Digital and Seagate, in the dust. The performance gap is sometimes small, but it is there, and Samsung often undercuts the price of Western Digital and Seagate drives despite offering a quicker product. Overall, the Spinpoint F3 1TB is a very well rounded drive that will suit the needs of most users. Read full review

  • One of the best consumer drives...
    By James Headfield - September 26, 2011 - Shopping
    The Samsung Spinpoint F3 family of drives were, at one point, the fastest consumer hard drives around. They had huge throughput, and blistering read/write performance. Also, unlike competing high-performance drives, these drives were fully compatible with RAID setups. Although competing technology has caught up with Samsung, these drives are still near the top of the heap. After a year and a half of everyday usage, my hard drive is still going storng. I was so impressed with these drives in my own machine that I used these drive almost exclusively for building and repairing computers for my customers. I have yet to receive a single complaint from them either. They have the performance of a Western Digital Caviar Black or even some VelociRaptor drives, with the low-heat operation of a laptop drive. My drive has never gone above 30 degrees celcius, even after a long gaming session. In my opinion, they were the closest thing to a perfect hard drive to come out of the previous generation of hard drives. It s unfortunate that Samsung decided to play the long game, and sell it s HDD division to Seagate to focus more on the SSDs. These drives have what can be called a cult-following, and for good reason. I am purchasing as many as I can before they all run out. Read full review
  • John's review of SAMSUNG HD103SJ Internal 3.5" SATA Hard Drive - 1TB
    By John - January 14, 2013 -
    Pros: Nice quick SATA II drive, recommended by Custom PC magazine.

    Cons: None other than newer drives with SATA III and larger capacities are available and beginning to match price point. Read full review


Device TypeHard drive - internal
Capacity1 TB
Form Factor3.5" x 1/3H
InterfaceSerial ATA-300
First Seen On Google ShoppingJuly 2009