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LEGO Disney Toy Story 3 Set #7596 Trash Compactor Escape

$50 online
Woody and Hamm are about to to meet a fiery fate! Lotso the Bear is out to rid the world of the other toys once and for all! Tossed into the trash, Woody and Hamm are trapped on a conveyor belt heading straight for the incinerator! Can their little green alien friends use the ...

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eBay - asiamkinc No rating No tax $49.99 +$8.50 shipping $58.49 Shopping - BlueMall (316) Free shipping, No tax $72.98 $72.98 Shopping - Funagain ... 7 ratings No tax $49.99 +$12.00 shipping $61.99
eBay - itsatoy67 No rating Free shipping, No tax $59.99 $59.99
eBay - thebigpest2000 No rating No tax, Used $8.79 +$2.75 shipping $11.54
Toys R Us (100) $52.99 (5,520) No tax $59.99 +$7.42 shipping $67.41
eBay - bmccoy9 No rating No tax $49.88 +$12.99 shipping $62.87
eBay - miamacymia No rating No tax $58.99 +$6.50 shipping $65.49
eBay - doug0249 No rating Free shipping, No tax $69.99 $69.99


26 reviews
  • Great set for playing, but a little unstable
    By johnjuan02 - May 14, 2011 - LEGO
    Overall this is a great set, but if you have a younger builder that you are helping, you may find that pieces get lost easily or that the pillars that hold the structure up become undone after playing.

    1) Pros - Great figures with features. I love the conveyor belt and the gears included that are used to make it move. One minor flaw with the belt is that it does not move smoothly and has a jerk to it for every twist of the gear.
    2) A lot of the tall pillar elements. These are great to use for City customizations.
    3) The crane is the highlight of the set.

    1) Easy to lose pieces.
    2) Would've liked more figures with the set, or at least another alien, and preferably a figure unique to this set.
    3) The fire inside the incinerator is on loose and gets knocked off easily during play.

    The cons that I have listed are only minor and do not take away from the overall value and playability of the set. A few dollars off of the standard suggested retail would make this a 5 star set. Read full review

  • Review: LEGO Toy Story 3 - Trash Compactor Escape
    By Lills - May 5, 2011 - LEGO
    This was a great buy! One of the best I would say, it took a while to build which I think made it all the more fun! The mini figures were amazing along with the size of the whole build.

    It was easy to play with and did not fall apart what so ever :) Read full review

  • The Claaaaaaw!
    By DiagonStar - May 8, 2011 - LEGO
    This is a great set for any Toy Story fan!

    Lotso - Great minifigure,pity the legs don't move but he has nice burn/damage marks.
    Woody - Another awesome minifigure,taller than the average minifig.Also has nice burn/damage marks.
    Hamm - Nice figure especially the fact you can store the four included coins in his body.
    Aliens - Excellent Figures. Really nice colouring and detail.

    Control Tower - Pretty sturdy and fun.Good amount of room for figures on top.
    Claw Crane - Nice operator booth and great working claw feature.
    Conveyor Belt - At the start you have the dumper with some rocks.Next you have the conveyor belt which has a great moving function.Finally the incineration pit,which is a bit awkward as flames constantly fall off.Oher than that its fine.

    Playability - 8/10
    Build Experience - 9/10
    Price - 7/10

    Thanks for reading.Check out my other reviews! Read full review


Part Number7596