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Spin Master Color-Blooms, Mega Pack

Create beautiful scenery with the magical transformations of Color Bloomz! The Color Bloomz - Mega Pack lets you choose your range of colors and customize beautiful scenes. And the color you choose is the color that bloomz! Customize your world and place your designs wherever ...

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  • Color Bloomz
    By Dani - August 25, 2013 - Toys R Us
    Pros: Neat

    Cons: Runs Out Quickly; Doesn't Store Well; Messy

    These are kinda cool. First off, the markers run out of ink pretty quick, and regular markers don't work as well. Second, my kid (6 y/o) got sick of coloring the white inserts pretty quickly and I ended up doing most. It mentioned mixing colors- don't! It looks ugly and usually turns a brownish color. Kit comes with extra magic liquid, I recommend to use it to get extra big crystals. Crystals are very fragile, a slight move and they fall. Kid liked watching them slowly grow, but once done, she was over it.
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