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APC SurgeArrest Essential Surge suppressor

$10 online
   October 2010   APC   Surge Protection   Standard   1,100 joule   4 outlet
Damaging power surges associated with lightning or utility problems can travel along your utility and data lines, damaging your electronic devices and destroying your valuable data. Even smaller everyday power surges can degrade the performance of your electronics and decrease ...

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Home Depot (3,023) $14.99 +$0.90 tax and $5.99 shipping $21.88
Office Depot (53,376) $11.95 +$1.31 tax and $9.95 shipping $23.21
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Fry's Electronics (19,569) No tax $8.99 +$6.99 shipping $15.98 (423) Free shipping, No tax $16.18 $16.18 (89) Free shipping, No tax $11.86 $11.86 (2,272) No tax $13.98 +$6.95 shipping $20.93
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Product features

  • EMI and RFI noise filtering
    Reduces line noise that can cause data loss and keyboard errors.
  • Fail safe mode
    APC's SurgeArrest fails safe, which means that once the circuit of an APC SurgeArrest has been compromised the unit disconnects equipment from the power supply ensuring that no damaging surges reach your equipment.
  • Lightning and surge protection
    To prevent damage to your equipment from electric power surges and spikes.
  • Noise filtering
    Attenuates EMI/RFI line noise that can cause data errors and keyboard lockups, ensuring better performance of protected equipment.
  • Catastrophic event protection
    SurgeArrest components such as MOVs and thermal fuse ensure instantaneous reaction to lightning strikes and wiring faults.
  • Protection working indicator
    SurgeArrest will warn you if its circuitry has been damaged by heavy strike or power line surge and it is unable to provide 100% protection.
  • Building wiring fault indicator
    This LED informs users of potentially dangerous wiring problems in the wall circuit.


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  • APC is the best way to go.
    By JSmitty - March 11, 2014 - Home Depot
    I own several apc surge protectors and back-up battery units in my residence and they are the best of any other brand. Very reliable and protect you equipment audio/television and computer components. The surge arrest I ordered (2) are really great with the USB charging port(s) for your smart phone/tablets and portable electronics including laptops. Read full review
  • Works OK for phones, but not for iPads
    By JoeM - March 25, 2014 - Home Depot
    This APC P4WUSB Surge protector plus USB charger is rated for one amp output on the specification. My iPad requires a 1amp charger. Unfortunately, this unit charges for a short time and then starts turning itself off and then back on whilst attempting to charge my ipad. On phones it works fine. The similar (but more expensive) Belkin unit is rated 1.6 amp and will charge an iPad and a phone. But if you have two ipads to charge, the 1.6 amps will not be enough for both at once. Read full review
  • Exactly what I needed
    By Fishy - May 19, 2011 - Dell
    I like the power outlets + the USB feature (where I can just plug in my phone). The only drawback is that it assumes you are using it with a standard outlet with a certain spacing between the two Ground sockets. However, I was trying to use it with a GFCI wall plate and I had to break the plastic insert on the unit in order to fit it in. But otherwise, great product! Read full review


Device TypeSurge suppressor - external
First Seen On Google ShoppingOctober 2010
Input VoltageAC 120 V
Frequency Required50/60 Hz

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