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Farm-Tuff Manure Spreader - 1800-Lb., 40-Bushel Capacity, Model MS-4000G

$2,000 online
Designed to be pulled by ATVs or compact tractors, this heavy-duty CHAIN drive manure spreader requires no PTO. Features a strong, durable 1-pc. steel frame with powder-coat finish for long-lasting durability. Load Capacity lbs. - L x 38in. - W x 16in. - H Measures 116in. - W x ...

Online stores

Sellers Seller Rating Details Base Price Total Price
Northern Tool (16,460) $1,999.99 +$120.00 tax and $508.25 shipping $2,628.24
eBay - northerntool No rating $1,999.99 +$110.00 tax and $278.24 shipping $2,388.23


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  • hobby farmer
    By banjo49 - May 18, 2015 - Northern
    Spreader was given to us as a birthday gift. For every hour of use you will spend two hours trying to re-align sprockets so that the chain won't come off. Very poor design and chincy manufacturing. I would not recommend this product to anyone! We haven't even had it a year but I wouldn't even consider challenging the warranty because I know how those things work. I've finally given up on it and will most likely use it as a pumpkin hauler!!! The wheels still go round and round... so far! Read full review
  • A big disappointment
    By sunnynm - June 30, 2011 - Northern
    We ordered this Manure Spreader with high hopes. It arrived damaged and the manufacturer made good on the damaged parts. However, the lug nuts were not tight on the wheels, and we almost lost the wheels. The set screws come loose and the sprocket then wobbles and the drive chain falls off. We got it all put back together and it all happened again within 15 minutes. We have had this spreader for 10 months and have been able to use it about 30 minutes total. When it is working, it works great, but it won't stay together long enough to accomplish anything. It is not worth $2000 when you have to spend most of your time repairing it. Read full review


Part NumberMS-4000G