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Seagate Barracuda 500 GB Internal hard drive Serial ATA-600 3.5"

$51 online
   June 2011   Seagate   Internal   500 GB   SATA
The Barracuda family has earned awards and accolades around the globe. This is because Seagate has demonstrated a commitment to introduce technologies that allow people to work faster, do more, and feel great about making an investment in proven technology. And, for those who want ...

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Office Depot (53,376) Free shipping $57.95 +$3.48 tax $61.43 - (62) Free shipping, No tax $58.95 $58.95


471 reviews
  • Good while it lasted, but it didn't last long!
    By Erik - October 25, 2013 -
    Pros: Quiet and fast. Good price and excellent performance, at the time.

    Cons: Good this one in January of 2013. Worked real good until about a month ago. Then load times started increasing like crazy, and eventually I started getting many Windows OS errors a few days ago. Decided to reinstall but couldn't do a full format. Quick format, then, and a new Windows installation. That lasted for exactly a day, never even being able to do all Windows updates and such. I eventually ran a test with HD Tune, and it turns out that this drive is toast: more bad sectors than good ones. Tested it in another PC; but the results are the same.

    On mine - and I admit it's 9 months old by now - the SATA connector is not a very tight fit. Out of three systems, with various SATA drives and identical SATA cables, this is the only drive that has this problem.
    Also, and this is really too bad: I've had many Seagate drives over the past 25 years or so; and I've built many a PC, both professionally and for my own purposes. This is the very first time that something breaks on me months after putting it in service and before the warranty experis; because I pick my parts carefully. So this drive failure is pretty shocking... Read full review

  • Not bad, not great
    By Anonymous - December 7, 2013 -
    Pros: Price on sale was great, ordered 5 of them for identical systems. Seagate is a proven brand with excellent customer service and warranty.

    Cons: 2/5 of the drives that were installed on 5 different systems are flakey- They have ridiculous load times, application hangs, freezes. When I cloned the system to a different drive, those issues disappeared, and therefore one can only assume it was the drive.

    2 out of 5 ain't bad, right Meatloaf? I checked the two drives with Spinrite (remember that program!?), a Kanguru hardware appliance, and Window's own check disk utility. Surprisingly, there weren't any hard errors or bad sectors. But I'm quite positive something isn't right, as the flakey systems were back to normal when it was cloned to a new drive. It could be something to do with the controller lagging. Unfortunately since there are no hard errors on the drives, I cannot RMA them to Seagate, and I'm not confident using them for any more systems as a boot drive. Maybe I'll use them for a 500gb media drive or something. Strange situation, but sometimes manufacturing defects happen, and I don't have any less confidence than did in Seagate as a company. The three working drives perform as expected, and I am quite satisfied with them. Read full review

  • DO NOT BUY THIS, regardless of price
    By YouFirstTech - December 9, 2012 -
    Pros: Price

    Cons: Seagate manufacted a bad drive for this model. There were no errors on the drive but it would not take an installation of an operating system from a CD/DVD, but it would take a duplication of another drive. Whatever they did when they manufactured it; they did it incorrectly and it will not take an operating system installation...regardless (win7, vista, xp). STAY AWAY

    If you test the drive and it passes HD sector scans fine; it still won't take an OS install. Find another drive. Read full review


Device TypeHard drive - internal
Capacity500 GB
Form Factor3.5" x 1/3H
InterfaceSerial ATA-600
First Seen On Google ShoppingJune 2011

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