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Remington T Studio Rollers, Pearl Ceramic - 20 rollers

$29 online
 · · Remington · · Hot Roller · · Ionic · · 20 piece set · · Ceramic
H-9000. 20 heated-clip rollers. World's best heated clip setter. Sets curls in 5 minutes. 20 velvety rollers in 2 sizes. Ultimate ceramic with real pearl. The world's first hair setter with dual heating technology sets long-lasting curls in just 5 minutes! Unlike traditional ...

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Walmart (291) $29.02 +$1.74 tax and $4.97 shipping $35.73 21 ratings Free shipping $42.99 +$2.58 tax $45.57
Factory Outlet Store (32,267) Free shipping, No tax $36.95 $36.95
eBay - adamjoyday No rating No tax, Used $25.00 +$8.00 shipping $33.00 (1,545) No tax $42.99 +$5.95 shipping $48.94
Carson's 1 rating No tax $39.99 +$9.95 shipping $49.94
eBay - beautyhaironline09 No rating Free shipping, No tax $49.99 $49.99
Herbergers 1 rating No tax $39.99 +$9.95 shipping $49.94
Younkers No rating No tax $39.99 +$9.95 shipping $49.94
BonTon Stores 17 ratings No tax $39.99 +$9.95 shipping $49.94


21 reviews
  • I would buy this product again and again
    By Jen - July 23, 2013 -
    Pros: Good Value; Easy To Use; Gentle; Effective

    Use these rollers daily. They are the best hot rollers I have ever used. They heat up quick, the clip is easy to is already on the roller so it heats up as the roller does in about 90 seconds. It sets curls quickly. The set is neat and mess free. It is great for someone who is needing to get ready fast and it always gives excellent results !!! Read full review

  • Great for pros, I couldn't manage them.
    By Belle713 - October 5, 2011 -
    Cons: Experience required; Very hot; Difficult to use

    I was so excited to get these but WOW, what a huge disappointment. I believe my lack of experience with hot rollers didn't help but these were impossible to use. They got so ridiculously hot, even on the sides, AND the clip, that I couldn't handle them at all!! I wasn't able to get even one in my hair. Obviously, the other reviewers had much better luck with this product which leaves me to assume they are either accustomed to working with hot rollers or their hands are extremely desensitized to heat!!

    I used to play with my mother's old rollers when I was little and they were awkward to use but I could eventually get them in my hair. I thought it would come back to me with practice but due to the excessive heat (in all the wrong places!!) I never had a chance.

    If you're really coordinated using rollers and can withstand touching something very hot, you will probably love these.

    The PROS:

    ♥ The idea of the clip is genius.

    ♥ They are packaged nicely and appear extremely well-made. The clip fits tightly, the curlers nestle perfectly onto the heating rod, very clever design.

    ♥ They heat up super fast!!

    All in all, probably an excellent product for professionals or women experienced working with hot rollers. I just wish I'd been more successful with them... I'm sure they give fabulous results! Read full review

  • Best hot rollers yet!
    By Irish Texan - February 16, 2011 -
    Pros: Easy To Use

    The reviews on your website helped me choose the product. I knew I was getting a product which was bigger than the usual hair setter. The size is worth working around. The curlers are a nice variety of sizes, they heat quickly and clips are easy to use. Great product! Read full review


Units in Package20
Part NumbersH-9000, H9000B4
GTIN00074590509304, 00745905093046