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Logitech Wireless Speaker Speaker

$138 online
November 2011 ∑ Logitech ∑ Computer ∑ Bluetooth ∑ Wireless ∑ iPod / iPhone Compatible ∑ 2 Channel
You've got a mobile music marathon. This rechargeable Bluetooth speaker gives you rich, full stereo sound from your iPad - no strings attached.

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AmazingShop $137.99

Product features

  • Listen freely
    Wherever you go, there's music in the air. The speaker pairs with iPad (or iPhone or iPod touch) over Bluetooth wireless. Place it wherever you want within 50 feet of your iOS device.
  • Play around
    Dual two-inch drivers deliver rich, stereo sound and plenty of bass. You'll hear it all loudly and clearly - even from across the room.
  • Go long
    Listen for up to ten hours straight on the rechargeable, internal battery. No need for costly and wasteful disposable batteries.
  • Take it with you
    This compact speaker fits easily into the included travel case or your laptop bag. Great sound can go with you - around the house, over to a friend's or when you travel.
  • Make a connection
    A standard 3.5 mm aux stereo jack opens up your playback possibilities to just about any portable music player.


43 reviews
    By GatewayGeneFX - November 13, 2011 - Best Buy

    Cons: Who wouldn't want longer battery?

    I wanted to get a wireless solution that enhanced my IPAD 2 experience for when it is sometimes hard to hear some YOUTUBE or WEBCAST videos, and for when I wanted a little extra sound for music listening and or playing a game. My first choice was the expensive JAMBOX for over $200.00. To my disappointment was the sound. I really didn't expect heavy base thumping glass shattering sound but I did expect louder then my IPAD 2. Not worth the money. I had already reviewed the Logitech Wireless and finally found them for even less money then when they first came out, And now I see they are even cheaper at $59! DEAL PEOPLE! The Sound, and Size are amazing for the MONEY! Rechargeable long lasting battery and easy set up. You can always return if not happy. And I guarantee you wont! ENJOY! Read full review

  • GREAT value for the money!
    By KingDad2011 - September 30, 2012 - Best Buy
    Pros: Price, sound, quality for the price.

    Cons: No problems so far. None at all.

    WOW! This is a one terrific speaker! Itís small but it preforms very well in a small space.

    I wanted a small, portable speaker to use in my small apartment. I purchased a Bose SoundLink for $269.99 and returned it two days later due to Bluetooth connection issues and guilt from the cost. I have several Bose products and love them, but I felt that spending nearly $300 bucks for an occasional use portable speaker was just too much money.

    I stumbled across this Logitech speaker while just wandering the store a few days later. Decided to take a chance, knowing I could return it as well. I brought it home, turned it on and saw the battery already had a near full charge. I picked up my iPhone, hit Bluetooth and BAM! Ten seconds later it was connected and playing from my music files just perfectly. Same quick, solid connect with my iPad as well.

    This is not a Bose Acoustimass system. But it only cost $50 bucks. It is however, an EXCELLENT choice for a small space like an apartment, cabin, or for a picnic. Though small, it has some substance to it Ė some weight. It feels well built and the (only three) push-button controls feel good and solid. It will also accept an MP3 device into a jack on the side.

    Pairing is ďjust dumb easyĒ. Simply hold both UP & DOWN volume buttons at the same time for 10 seconds and it pops right into Pairing mode.

    I am just delighted with this little gadget! As I said, itís not a high-end system but in the VALUE FOR THE MONEY department, it far surpasses ANYTHING Iíve looked at or tried to date regardless of price.

    So, $47.99 vs. $269.99 for occasional use? Not even a contest after hearing both. Donít be afraid to give it a listen! Read full review

  • Great Sound, Great Speakers for personal use
    By TuttyUSA - August 3, 2012 - Best Buy
    Pros: Easy to set up, Price could be a little lower

    Cons: Really, nothing.

    I was looking a portable device to get louder and better sound from my iPhone, and really this gives us the sound that we are looking for. Read full review


Product TypeSpeaker
First Seen On Google ShoppingNovember 2011
Speaker TypeActive
Audio AmplifierIntegrated
Connectivity InterfacesBluetooth