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Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box - CV77000

$38 online
Finally, a cat litterbox that makes sense! Size: 20 inches L x 15 inches W x 15 inches D 9-inch diameter opening Built-in tracking mat is flat removable lid Heavy-duty plastic Light gray color Clevercat advantages for both you & your cat Virtually DOG PROOF from most Dogs ...

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PETCO (12,349) $37.99 +$2.28 tax and $5.99 shipping $46.26 (125) No tax $37.99 +$11.54 shipping $49.53 (533) No tax $36.05 +$5.99 shipping $42.04
Rescue Pet Supply No rating No tax $38.99 +$17.26 shipping $56.25
Peppy Pet No rating No tax $37.99 +$34.22 shipping $72.21 15 ratings No tax $37.99 +$7.05 shipping $45.04
eBay No rating No tax $37.99 +$5.99 shipping $43.98 No rating No tax $39.89 +$18.95 shipping $58.84
Bonanza - merchanology's booth 2 ratings Free shipping $52.17 +$2.24 tax $54.41
eBay - thepetonline No rating No tax $37.99 +$14.76 shipping $52.75


143 reviews
  • The best litter pan ever!
    By Melorix - August 5, 2012 - PETCO
    After going through the traditional challenges of my cats kicking litter over the sides of an open pan, tracking litter through the apartment, and trying to keep the surrounding floor around the pan clean, I went in search of a new pan.

    I saw this product here on Petco's page, and after reading the great reviews, decided it was worth a try. And I was right! My cats were wary of this strange box at first, but they took right to it within a few hours.

    It's a really nice size -- big enough for my male cats, who are both about 14 pounds. The top closes securely and has rivets to catch litter particles when the cats exit. You can just turn the lid over and dump them right back into the pan. Super easy to clean, no more litter kicking, and way less tracking. I'm in love! Whoever thought of a top-entry litter pan is a genius! This pan is definitely worth the price several times over. My cats and I are very, very happy. Read full review

  • Wasn't great for 2 large cats
    By Anonymous - September 1, 2012 - PETCO
    I have to buy another litter box. My 2 large cats are about 18-20 lbs and there isn't enough room for them to wiggle around. I would make them deal with it but the biggest reason why i bought this box was to eliminate litter on my floor. However, this box hasn't helped that problem, but maybe it's better for the smaller sized cat. Read full review
  • Tried the others this one works.
    By MaxsGuardian - January 28, 2014 - PETCO
    Buying expensive self cleaning litter boxes was not an option because they are just too expensive so I can't compare this against say the litter genie.
    For the manual style of cleaning a litter box this is the best I have used. I have the other (great by reviews) manual style litter box called Omega Paw Roll 'n Clean and although it made sifting litter faster and easier it failed in two areas: litter would fall out of the crack near the pullout tray entrance when tipping it over and you had to take the thing outside and hose every part including the top of it down about once a month, and water splashing up in your face from the unique cracks in a nasty litter box is no fun.
    So back to the Clever cat Top Entry Litter box: This is not just a tub with hole in the top, it was uniquely engineered to be a litter box.
    The only con about this box:
    * you still have to use the scooper.
    But the pros far outweigh the con:
    * You use a liner made for the box, similar to the material of a trash bag, so no more hosing the litter box down, just pull the liner off, tie up, and throw away when the litter loses its effectiveness and becomes too old to scoop.
    * Our dog doesn't go looking for treats in the litter box anymore.
    * The cat scatters litter far less since the top catches litter off our cat's paws. Coupled with a mat under the box and there is no litter scatter beyond the mat.
    * And the size including height is just right.
    Read full review


Part Numbers77000, 770002, CLC01, CV77000