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The Giving Tree [Book]

HarperCollins · Hardback · 57 pages · ISBN 0060256656
"Once there was a tree . . . and she loved a little boy." The Giving Tree is fifty! Celebrate with this special edition that features a stunning metallic green jacket and a gold anniversary sticker. The Giving Tree, a story of unforgettable perception, beautifully written and ...

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121 reviews
  • A horrible book with a horrible message
    By C Summer - August 22, 2016 -
    No No No. How did this book ever become popular?? It's message is to give and give and give until there is nothing left of yourself. Really? Is that a lesson you want to teach your children? Ever see a picture of Shel Silverstein? Did he look like a happy person?? This book was never intended for children. Buy your kids something life affirming. Read full review
  • Book with a lasting story for the heart
    By Judypatoodie - August 1, 2016 - Target
    I gave this book to my son when he was 5 (he's now 47). Then I gave each of my grandsons the book when they were similar ages. They are now grown and still love this book. You can actually read it in a few minutes and the message it sends is the one of love and selflessness. It teaches children what is truly important. I recently purchased this book to give to a mother-to-be for her unborn child. I know they'll enjoy it together. Read full review
  • If you haven't read this book yet, you are missing out.
    By PII_Removal - April 24, 2016 -
    This was one of my FAVORITE books in gradeschool almost 30 years ago! I still remember it well. I would check it out often from the school library. The tree was SO KIND to the little boy. I couldn't understand why the boy didn't return the kindness to the tree as he grew older! Couldn't he see the tree loved him?? In the very beginning he was nice to the tree and would swing from its branches and rest in its shade- they loved each other and spent time together. But as time went on he just took, and took, and TOOK everything the tree had to offer- and he offered nothing in return. But surprisingly, the tree did NOT get mad at the boy and continued to show LOVE and generosity in every way it had! In the end, the boy realized the error of his ways, and went back to the tree once more. Only then, the boy was a shriveled up old man, and the tree, reduced to a stump, had nothing more to give. Very pitiful tale. I really don't know why I loved the story so much, because it made me cry! I wanted so much for that little boy to realize, before it was too late, that the tree LOVED him and NEEDED him, and that he should have been NICER to the TREE! As an adult, I can appreciate the moral tale and parable hidden in the story. Couldn't have been better written or illustrated. Very touching, and to the point. This book should be part of every fine children's library. Read full review


Publication DateOctober 7, 1964

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The Giving Tree is a children's picture book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein. First published in 1964 by ...
The Giving Tree