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Eden Wakame - 2.1 oz

$10 online
Sea vegetable. Japanese. Hand harvested. Eden Wakame is a delicious and nourishing sea vegetable that grows off the coast of Ise (eesay), Japan, an environmentally protected area. Hand harvested from January to the end of April, the Wakame is rinsed and naturally sun dried ...

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Units in Package1
Unit Size2.1 oz
DirectionsSoak in cold water for 5 minutes, remove, slice and use in soups, stews, vegetable dishes and casseroles. Soak, boil for 5 minutes and chop before using in salads and marinated dishes. For a tasty, nourishing condiment, oven roast until brown and crisp, then crumble over cooked grains or vegetables.
IngredientsWakame Undaria Pinnatifida.
Serving Size0.5 cup