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TRENDnet TEW-711BR Wireless router - 4-port switch (integrated) - EN, Fast EN, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n

$18 online
TRENDnet  Wireless-N  WEP  WPA  WPA2  150 Mbps
TRENDnet's 150 Mbps wireless N home router, model TEW-711BR, provides reliable 150 Mbps wireless N speed and coverage to share files, play games, and surf the Internet. Advanced encryption protects your wireless network, access control tools help block unwanted Websites and ...

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39 reviews
  • Fantastic bang-for-your-buck
    By trackdrew - October 10, 2013 -
    Pros: -Power Efficient
    -5 year warranty
    -Great performance in the segment
    -Able to Route LAN-WAN at nearly 200 Mbps
    -PCAP traffic capture from WAN/LAN

    Cons: -Single Antenna
    -Only single SSID, No Guest SSID option

    Good packaging, held securely in a recyclable cardboard tray.

    Received hardware version 1.0R. Shipped with firmware version 1.00b31, updated and tested with 1.01b09.

    The "load" used was iperf. Power measurements taken with a Kill-a-Watt

    Excellent power usage/efficiency:
    Idle (Wifi on): 1.6W
    Load LAN-WAN (Wifi on): 2.0W
    Load WLAN-WAN (Wifi on): 2.0W
    Load WLAN-LAN and LAN-WAN (Wifi on): 2.2W
    Idle (Wifi off): 1.1W
    Load LAN-WAN (Wifi off): 1.6W

    Routing: Iperf testing shows that this router is limited only by its 100 Mbps WAN port. Using two client and two server processes I was able to sustain just under symmetrical 100 Mbps speeds between LAN to WAN(~94.3 Mbps, just under 190 Mbps bi-directional). Refreshing Steam servers multiple times while playing Team Fortress 2 showed no impact and no issue with browsing on a different system. Ping times remained low throughout this as well. I measured the max simultaneous connections at 3973 - so likely this is around 4096 total connections. Overall this router offered impressive performance for its low-end price point.

    Wireless: Wireless coverage is decent for a low-cost, single-antenna device. Performance is acceptable - iperf testing showed real world throughput of around 38 Mbps at a distance of a few feet - Windows showed a connection speed of 130 Mbps. Separating myself by about 2 stories I had much poorer signal, but could still browse the web and stream video without issue. Due to the crowded 2.4 MHz spectrum in my location I was unable to test 40 MHz channel widths.

    GUI: The Web GUI is fast, simple, and intuitive. All the usual features found in modern routers are present. One very neat feature is the ability to capture packets from either the WAN and LAN interfaces. When you stop a capture, the packets can be downloaded in a standard Wireshark .pcap file. I'm not sure what the limit is as to how long you can capture for, but this is a valuable tool for debugging. No Guest wireless network option.

    Other: Device is light, but has rubber feet to keep it sliding around. 5 year warranty is admirable, but I hope I never have to use it. Through all the testing/loading the max temperature reached was around 92F at the top of the enclosure (~77F ambient). Normal operating temp was much lower at around 80F. Never had to reboot or power-off the router.

    Highly recommend for the light user or someone not needing the latest and greatest WiFi coverage. Fantastic bang-for-your-buck. Read full review

  • Two years in, no complaints
    By ARM - February 10, 2014 -
    Pros: Works fine after roughly two years of use.

    Cons: Web interface is nothing fancy, but works fine.

    Using for a small office at work in combination with a trendnet hub. We have good coverage for other office with other access points, so we haven't pushed the range at all. Read full review

  • Average Router for the price
    By Maqqobah - June 12, 2014 -
    Pros: I bought this router to replace a broken one for my girlfriend, I wasn't really looking for anything special just something to send the signal through a small apartment. for most part this does the job. doesn't come with a robust software suite or anything like that but if all you want is a wireless router reasonable range this is pretty good for price. It's basically plug and play, plug it in set up the wifi from a computer in windows and go online. I would not buy for $40, but I got it on sale for about 20 so at that price it's definitely a decent deal.

    Cons: like I mentioned in the pros, there isn't any software package that comes with it, but it's enough to get along without any of the bells and whistles. Wait for it to go on sale and pick it up. Read full review


Device TypeWireless router - 4-port switch (integrated)
Enclosure TypeDesktop
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, wired
Data Link ProtocolEthernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n