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Thayers Lavender Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera - 12 oz bottle

Also moisturizes and smoothes skin. A natural gentle skin toner derived from a Native-American formula. Now people with sensitive skin have an Alcohol-Free Lavender Witch Hazel Toner, with delicate, soothing, calming natural Lavender water. With Thayers exculsive Witch Hazel ...

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GNC (2,033) $5.00 +$0.28 tax and $4.99 shipping $10.27
Thrive Market No rating $6.95 +$0.42 tax and $5.95 shipping $13.32 (796) $7.99 +$0.84 tax and $5.99 shipping $14.82 (19,638) No tax $7.96 +$5.95 shipping $13.91
Buy It Healthy No rating No tax $5.97 +$7.86 shipping $13.84
Vitamin Shoppe (38,702) $9.79 +$0.59 tax and $5.99 shipping $16.37
Harrisburg Store (957) No tax $7.09 +$4.60 shipping $11.69 (1,170) No tax $7.69 +$5.99 shipping $13.68 (995) No tax $5.88 +$6.94 shipping $12.82 (2,418) No tax $7.96 +$5.99 shipping $13.95


142 reviews
  • Time tested, useful product
    By Crinoid - April 27, 2015 - Vitacost
    Thayers witch hazel has been around for years. It's useful for so many things. I always keep one in the bathroom. Lavender and rose are my favorite scents and great for cleansing and refreshing all parts of the body and inanimate objects too! I like to use it as a face and body splash, or put some in a spray bottle. It's especially nice instead of chemical wipes for the privates when a little extra wet natural anti-septic without alcohol is required! At vitacost it's a great deal with the whole variety of scents and other Thayers products available.Try it! You'll get hooked too! Read full review
  • Excellent Product!
    By JoVe34110 - November 25, 2014 - Walgreens
    Thayers Witchhazel is an outstanding toner and freshner. I have purchased dept store toners at 3 to 4 times the cost and none of them can compare. I have been using Thayers' lavender witchhazel for 3 months am and pm. It cleanses, tones and smooths my face and neck so well i need very little moisterizer. I am now trying Thayers Cucumber witchhazel and just as wonderful as their lavender. Permanent product for me. Read full review
  • No alcohol!
    By Sheshea74 - September 24, 2014 - Vitacost
    I really needed a toner just to remove the last traces of my make-up. This Lavender toner is perfect for that. It smells great and my pores look smaller after using this for a week. I love ordering from Vitacost, they have the best prices and are quick with their delivery. Read full review


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