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VuPoin Magic Wand Portable Scanner PDS-ST410A-VP - 600 dpi x 600 dpi - Hand-held scanner

November 2010  VuPoint  Handheld  Portable  600 dpi

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  • Performs as stated
    By Big D - September 27, 2011 - Staples
    Pros: Easy To Use; Fast; Easy To Set Up

    This portable scanner is perfect for capturing documents in use in the field so that records can be updated in the office. Saves time gathering documents and returning them and keeps documents in the field where they are needed. Read full review

  • Better than the library's copy machine
    By Inglewolf - September 17, 2011 - Staples
    Pros: Don't need OCR software; Easy To Set Up; Easy To Use

    Cons: Cannot use right away

    I got this 'magic wand' because I was tired of getting [*]copies from my local library's copy machine--at 15 cents a throw-- whenever I wanted a copy of something out of the reference books section.Well bad news first: unless you already have a microSD memory card (which is most popularly used in cameras) you won't be able to use this right away. It would've been nice to be made aware of this when I ordered it online (hence the 1star penalty). Ironically the thing DOES come with batteries!It also helps if you already have some kind of program like Paint Shop Pro that makes it easy to edit and improve the JPEG files (That is all the Magic Wand puts out. May be a con to some of you). I didn't install the software (OCR? OTR? I can't remember) that comes with it and from what I read here before ordering this I had no intention of doing so.Having obtained the required card I got the hand of this wand in one afternoon. Read the directions & pay close attention to the markings on the unit. And only use the High Res setting; low res catches every slight twitch of your hand giving you grainy results. Oh and you're probably better off forgoing that latte or Pepsi Big Gulp if you want decent results. This wand is sensitive. When finished and wanting to view it's a quick plug in to the PC with the USB drive. Using the right software it's a double-click and you're easily editing and saving on your hard drive.So I'd rate this as a neat little toy to have if you occasionally need a permanent "peek" at something and can't take it to the local copy center. Just remember while batteries ARE included the required microSD flash drive isn't. Enjoy Read full review

  • Beware
    By Hoss818 - July 24, 2011 - Staples
    Pros: Easy To Set Up; Easy To Use; Fast; Much better than old ones

    Cons: It blew a USB port

    I bought it to use scanning my old yearbooks. It's much easier to use than the ones several years ago. I plugged it into my computer a couple of times while I was learning to get a decent scan, but on about the 4th time I got a message that I had unplugged it while it was still writing to the storage device. It was still plugged in though. All attempts to resurrect the USB port have failed. I'm afraid to try to use it with another USB port, so I'm taking it back. (The port doesn't recognize any other device either...but my other ports will) It looks like it would be nice if when you hook the cable up it doesn't hurt your computer. If you have Windows 7 you may be able to use the adapter and just read the card. I'm only running XP though. Read full review


TypeHand-held scanner - portable
Interface TypeUSB 2.0
Max Supported Document SizeA4 (8.25 in x 11.7 in)
First Seen On Google ShoppingNovember 2010
Input TypeColor