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Belkin Pivot Plug Surge Protector Surge suppressor

$26 online
 · · August 2006 · · Belkin · · Surge Protection · · Standard · · 4,300 joule · · 12 outlet · · Data Line Protection
Belkin Pivot Plug Surge Protectors provide premium power protection for your professional workstations and connected devices. Its rotating outlet design gives you much more convenience and flexibility in placing your plugged-in devices than traditional products. Belkin Components ...

Online stores

Sellers Seller Rating Details Base Price Total Price
Walmart (291) $25.99 +$1.56 tax and $4.97 shipping $32.52 Shopping (15,253) Free shipping, No tax $30.30 $30.30 Shopping - ... (77) Free shipping, No tax $45.30 $45.30
Staples (61) Free shipping $33.09 +$1.99 tax $35.08 Shopping - ANTOnline (358) Free shipping, No tax $35.76 $35.76
CDW 7 ratings $36.99 +$2.22 tax and $12.05 shipping $51.26 (146) $51.40 +$3.08 tax and $12.30 shipping $66.78
Office Depot (53,178) $49.99 +$3.60 tax and $9.95 shipping $63.54 (7,761) Free shipping, No tax $39.95 $39.95
Zerbee Business Products (905) No tax $31.60 +$7.95 shipping $39.55


162 reviews
  • Awesome Deal
    By Newegg Shopper - December 24, 2013 -
    Pros: 1) - Fast, free, shipping from Newegg. Item arrived in a well packaged container.
    2) - Everything works.
    3) - 8' cord length. That's 2' longer than similar design brands.

    Cons: None.

    You save quite a bit of money purchasing this unit on-line from This unit is 10-20 bucks higher in brick and mortar stores. The 8' chord length seals the deal. I have purchased the competing brand unit from NE as well, yet the 6' chord length was limiting my options. Read full review

  • Protection with room to spare
    By Mark H - August 21, 2013 -
    Pros: 4320 Joules of protection, 12 outlets, 8 foot cord, antenna/LAN filters, swivel sockets

    Cons: None!

    I usually am not keen on Belkin brand but this item renews my faith in Belkin. A great surge protector for the price, an 8 foot cord (I hate those protectors that have a 3 foot cord), but most I am loving the pivot-plugs this thing has. The versatility of being able to swivel the plugs to the side is worth the price alone. Also the products construction seems sounds and durable. I recommend this product. Read full review

  • Good but with a main flaw
    By Anonymous - February 18, 2014 -
    Pros: The pivot plug is a nice concept, and it does allow you to accommodate more of the power blocks from various chargers. You could imagine that most people would use it as an extension to charge all the other accessories. (In that regard, the protector itself could be too big and heavy to place on a desk.)

    Cons: There are two LED lights next to the on-off switch. One is in red for Ground, and the other is green for protection indicator. I had the problem with the red light. In most devices, red LED would indicate something wrong. For example, a faulty ground in a APC UPC unit would indicate that the grounding is problematic and it would interfere with the protection the unit provides. This unit shows the red LED for good grounding. That is really disturbing.

    I had this unit from another online store, and I thought the device is faulty and I had to exchange it. Turns out the replacement still shows the red LED. Then I realize that the lit red LED means good grounding. That is very counter-intuitive. The manufacturer really should change the color of this LED to either green (or blue or anything other than red or amber) to make sure users won't misconstrue the meaning of the light.

    I wish that the plugs have more spacing so it could accommodate more chargers. In my case, I still have a few plugs open, but there simply isn't much room left. Pivoting isn't going to help.

    Also, I never used the co-axial and phone lines. These add additional cost of the unit, whereas they are not really that useful now that many are cutting the cords from phone and cable companies. I wouldn't mind getting a few bucks back when the Belkin drops these features. Read full review


Device TypeSurge suppressor - external
First Seen On Google ShoppingAugust 2006
Input Connector(s)1
Dataline Surge ProtectionPhone line Antenna
Surge SuppressionYes