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Beginning Android 3 [Book]

$23 online
by Mark Murphy  Apress  Paperback  589 pages  ISBN 1430232978
The vibrant and rich Android development platform, created by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, continues to be a platform in its truest sense, encompassing hundreds of classes beyond the traditional Java classes and open source components that ship with the software ...

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  • If you are looking to start developing for Android
    By Kurt R. - August 5, 2011 - Shopping
    This is great book for the beginner. It starts off with installing Android SDK, Eclipse development environment and shows you how to set up an emulator. The book uses very clear examples. It starts with the basics and explains everything to you. The book gives you more than just samples, it gives you instruction. The book uses a walk through approach to teaching. Mr. Murphy is an excellent author. This book covers UI including basic controls, menus, pop up messages, screen rotation, date and time picker, tabs, and handling multiple screen sizes. The book covers activities, resources, threading, communicating via the internet, databases, and phone services. At the end of the book it delves into other development environments for Android. The book assumes the reader has some Java experience. I think that is not necessary as long as you have some object oriented programming experience. If you have knowledge of classes, inheritance, events, constructors, and such, you should be ok. If you find yourself getting lost in the terminology, you might want to pick up an introductory java book. When getting into Android 3, the book talks about the improvements from Android 2. It explains the new features and shows you how to use the new capabilities. This book covers everything you need to know for your first Android App. If you are looking to start developing for Android, this book is for you. Read full review


AuthorMark Murphy
Publication DateJuly 13, 2011