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Vtech InnoTab 2 Learning Game App Tablet - Wi-Fi - 16 GB - Pink

$82 online
VTech · 5 inch · For Kids · 16 GB · Wi-Fi Only
This Vtech InnoTab 2 Interactive Learning App Tablet features a built-in digital photo/video camera that fully rotates to take images and videos and has 2 GB onboard memory with SD card slot expandable up to 16 GB of memory. This table has tilt sensor Camera, video camera, photo ...

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Walmart - Cheapees No rating No tax $82.23 +$9.77 shipping $92.00
eBay No rating Free shipping, No tax, Used $69.95 $69.95
eBay - elite-market No rating Free shipping, No tax $96.95 $96.95
skodot No rating No tax $88.75 +$5.00 shipping $93.75
eBay - yozos No rating Free shipping, No tax $107.43 $107.43
eBay - abood.av No rating Free shipping, No tax $113.42 $113.42
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  • Good toy
    By jr's mom - December 31, 2012 - Toys R Us
    Pros: Lots of Fun; Durable; Engaging; Educational; Interactive

    Cons: Short Battery Life

    My 2 year old son loves it. Here are the issues though...
    1. batteries last for barely a day. You pretty much have to buy the rechargeable battery thingy.

    2. The battery compartment is extremely easy to access. My 2 year old can take it off at will and spill the batteries. I think that is a really bad design flaw.

    3. The screen could be brighter. it needs more backlight.

    All and all the toy is really great. my son loves it and it's easy for him to use and durable. He's dropped it several times and it's still working.
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  • Horrible
    By Unimpressed - July 22, 2013 - Toys R Us
    Pros: Lots of Fun

    Cons: Short Battery Life

    This product was great for the 3 months it worked. My son was obsessed with his innotab, he loved all the games & other features the innotab offered. Then for no reason at all after 3 months of having it, it stopped working. Can't turn it on at all. Can't even access any of the saved pics and drawing when hooked up to the computer. It's a complete piece of junk. If you want to buy this product, wait till it comes on sale. Do not pay full price for something that will break. Vtech it totally impossible to get in touch with & very un-helpful to Canadians in getting the innotab replaced are fixed.
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  • Not worth it!
    By Sara - July 8, 2013 - Toys R Us
    Pros: Lots of Fun; Educational; Interactive

    Cons: Literally No Battery Life; Heavy; Short Battery Life; Poor Design

    *Dosen't turn on fully, and turns off.
    *Charger dosen't work.
    *After a few weeks, it stops working.
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Diagonal Size5"
Part Numbers15034979-000-000, 80-136850