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Tocca Beauty Cleopatra 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray

$44 online
Tocca  Eau de Parfum  1.7 ounce
Inspired by the Mediterranean seductress, Cleopatra captivates the senses. Notes:- Top: bitter grapefruit, lush greens, cassis bud.- Middle: white jasmine, peach nectar, tuberose.- Bottom: warm patchouli, golden amber, rich vanilla musk.

Online stores

Sellers Seller Rating Details Base Price Total Price
eBay Free shipping, No tax $43.88 $43.88
Sephora 34 seller reviews Free shipping $68.00 +$4.08 tax $72.08
Barneys New York seller rating Free shipping, No tax $68.00 $68.00
Nordstrom 529 seller reviews Free shipping $68.00 +$4.08 tax $72.08 57 seller reviews Free shipping $68.00 +$4.08 tax $72.08 24,279 seller reviews Free shipping $68.00 +$4.08 tax $72.08 3,823 seller reviews Free shipping, No tax $68.00 $68.00
Elements Beauty Shop $68.00 +$3.40 tax and $7.95 shipping $79.35 1,046 seller reviews Free shipping, No tax $72.00 $72.00 117 seller reviews Free shipping, No tax $68.00 $68.00

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377 reviews
  • Something about it...
    By badgirl2 - September 22, 2012 - Sephora
    My favorite fragrances (warm, woody, oriental) aren't usually described the way this one is (grapefruit, greens, florals, etc.) but for some reason I really like this! I thought at first it seemed a little old but once I was wearing it I really enjoyed it. The bottle is really elegant as well. The size and price make it easy to try. If you're looking for something new give it a try! Read full review
  • Perfect scent! Saved $18 by Buying the Sampler Set
    By AlliLK - February 20, 2014 - Sephora
    I decided to buy this scent after trying it from the sampler set that I bought from Sephora. If you are looking to buy the 1.7 oz size, but want to save money, buy the sample set and then use the card to redeem for a full-size bottle at no extra cost. I saved $18 because the sampler set only costed $50!! Plus since I got the sampler set, I now have a bunch of other scents to try out. Read full review
  • I Am the Queen of the Nile...For An Hour
    By artemisgem - May 17, 2015 - Sephora
    I loved this scent the moment I put it on! The grapefruit topnote mixed with the greens and jasmine is lovely and quite unique. It dries down to the tuberose and amber which is quite feminine and sexy and mixes with the creamy patchouli and vanilla. I've just never smelled anything quite like it and plan to purchase the full size bottle. Why can't I give it 5 stars if I love it so much? It just has no staying power. It's gone within an hour no matter what I do. So I'm also investing in the rollerball to haul around in my purse for reapplication and the hand milk to layer the fragrance with to hopefully make it last longer. That's more than I'd like to spend, but for such a great fragrance, I think it's worth it. Read full review


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