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D-Link GamerLounge DGL-4500 Wireless Router - 300 Mbps - Gigabit Ethernet - 802.11b/a/g/n

$308 online
D-Link · Wireless · Wireless-N · Wireless-G · N300 · Gigabit Ethernet · WEP · WPA · WPA2
It's not everyday you come across a device designed solely with the gamer in mind. The D-Link Xtreme N Gaming Router (DGL-4500) is one of those few devices built especially for gamers. Experience the power of the Xtreme N Duo wireless technology for data transfer rates of up to ...

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  • D-Link DGL-4500 GamerLounge Xtreme N Gaming Router Review
    By Dong Ngo - February 26, 2008 - CNET
    Pros: Intuitive and responsive browser interface; Gigabit LAN and WAN; excellent range; easy to setup; Network Activity Display offers quick access to a variety of network information; preset with a lot of settings for special services and applications, including games.

    Cons: Random reset during heavy load.

    Bottom Line: The D-Link DGL-4500 GamerLounge Xtreme N Gaming Router almost succeeds for home networking and hardcore gamers. It bears a few flaws, among which is a random reset during heavy load that might be the deal breaker.

    The D-Link DGL-4500 GamerLounge Xtreme N Gaming Router offers decent performance and a long list of features for home wireless networking and hardcore gamers. However, it lacks support for simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands along with random resets during heavy loads. You may want to wait for a successor to the DGL-4500, or at least a firmware update, before buying it. With the hefty price tag of about $180, we expected better stability. Unless you plan to take advantage of the DGL-4500's GameFuel feature for prioritizing bandwidth for games, we still recommend D-Link's DIR-655 Xtreme N router for its superior performance or the Netgear WNR854T RangeMax for its speed, stability, and price.

    • Device type: Wireless router
    • Network standard: 802.11n (draft), 802.11b/g
    • Bandwidth: 2.4GHz and 5Ghz (not simultaneous)
    • Operating systems supported: Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, or Mac OS X (v10.4)
    • Security options: 64/128-bit WEP; W ... Read full review

  • D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Wireless Router Review: Ranked on Best Gaming Wireless Router
    By Anonymous - November 2, 2013 - Bestcovery
    Essentially the same product as the D-Link DIR-855 with a black case and antennas and missing a radio board, D-Link claims that the DGL-4500 was designed expressly for gaming. The handy OLED front panel displays genuinely useful information about your connection, as well as a clock which D-Link claims was put there to show you just how long you've left the real world. The DGL-4500 is a dual-band design which allows you to use the 5GHz band, which is generally unhindered by interference from other appliances. Aside from other useful features like 'GameFuel' which allows you to prioritize data for your game over other traffic, the DGL-4500 is a genuinely high-performance router with a quality chipset and reliable service. Read full review
  • Heavy Performer- Makes Our Household Run Smoothly!
    By Caprig - February 17, 2012 - Viewpoints
    When we had problems with our internet provider's wireless router, we got the D-Link DGL-4500 Wireless N Extreme Gaming WIRELESS Router.

    The D-Link DGL-4500 Wireless N Extreme Gaming Router is about the size of a small paperback book. It is black with a blue screen that is for monitoring network activity.

    **Router Features**

    * wireless N connectivity
    * intelligent QoS technology which prioritizes wired and wireless traffic so you can get smoother functionality.
    * WPS set up, streaming video and audio capabilities for compatible UPnP devices, * firewall protection
    * 4 Gigabit LAN ports for fast wired connectivity.
    * you can share printers or other USB devices over the network too.

    **What Comes In The Box?**

    * router
    * 3 detachable antennas
    * ethernet cable, power adapter
    * CD-ROM with installation wizard
    * printed product documentation.

    **What We Run On Our Network**

    * 4 laptops on wireless
    * 2 PS3 consoles
    * 2 printers
    * 2 desktop computers

    **Bottom Line**

    The D-Link DGL 4500 Wireless N Xtreme Gaming Router was one of the best purchases we ever made. It allows our entire household to run the internet without any lags or frustrations that made it difficult before.

    The only problem that I have had with it is that after a power failure, you have to reset the router and that can be frustrating at times. That is very little, however compared to the solid service we get from our router.

    You can find out more about this router at Amazon which sells this for around $100 at the time of this review.

    We have experienced no lags even when four people are running gaming consoles and laptops or desktop computers- all on the web at the same time. This is a wonderful thing for us. The former router we had was awful and frustrated our whole household before this.

    The only frustration we have is if we have a power failure, we need to reset the modem, but that is not a huge problem, just a nuisance.

    Setup & Ease of Use
    The D-Link DGL-4500 Wireless N Xtreme Gaming Router was easy to set up. It works well with both wired and wireless applications. At first I thought it was going to be overkill for what we needed, but as our household has grown in technology, I see that this is really what we needed.

    Service & Support
    Documentation is decent but we have never really needed service or support for this router- so three stars is because I can not leave it blank. Read full review


Device TypeWireless router - 4-port switch (integrated)
Enclosure TypeDesktop
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, wired
Data Link ProtocolEthernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n (draft 2.0)